#​468 — August 24, 2022

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In case you missed my note two weeks ago, we took a week off, so you didn't miss an issue last week :-) We're back now until the end of the year – 123 days until Christmas, by the way.. 😆
Peter Cooper, your editor.

Postgres Weekly

Learn Postgres at the Playground — You might be familiar with online tutorial ‘playgrounds’ (such as Ruby’s) – now Craig Kerstiens and CrunchyData have unveiled a set of interactive online tutorials for Postgres coupled with a fresh collection of Postgres tips. There's some more background here.

Craig Kerstiens

How to Corrupt Your PostgreSQL Database — You know sometimes when you’re trying to avoid something so you look at it and then inadvertently crash into it anyway? Laurenz shows us how to really mess up our databases so that, hopefully, you can, well, not do that.. :-)

Laurenz Albe

13 Postgres Tools That Aren't psql — We asked the PostgreSQL community: psql is by far the most popular tool for interacting with PostgreSQL, but it definitely isn't the only one. In this blog post, we look at which other tools PostgreSQL users love most.

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Rise of the 'Anti-Join' — “Find me all the things in set A that are not in set B,” asks Paul. He compares a few ways to do this before settling on the ‘anti join’ approach (basically a subquery feeding a WHERE NOT EXISTS clause).

Paul Ramsey

Postgres to Make Aliases Optional for Sub-SELECTS in FROM Clause — The SQL standard makes aliases mandatory for subqueries, but not all databases adhere to this. Could Postgres, too, make them optional? Seems so.

Pavlo Golub

How to Migrate Scheduled Jobs to pg_timetable from pgAgentpg_timetable is an increasingly popular scheduled job extension for Postgres and while Pavlo recently wrote about migrating from pg_cron to pg_timetable, it’s now pgAgent’s turn!

Pavlo Golub

Build a Full Stack 'AMA' App with Remix, Prisma, and PostgreSQL — Given the recent redefining of Jamstack, it seems Remix - though SSR only - qualifies. Remix has a ton of interesting characteristics. If you’d like to learn it, this is an in-depth tutorial using it to build an ‘Ask Me Anything’-type site.

Foysal Ahamed

🛠 Code and Tools

PostgREST 10.0: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Database — We’ve covered this popular tool many times over the years. 10.0 isn’t a particularly big release but introduces a health check endpoint, the ability to run without config, GeoJSON output support, and lots of smaller bits and pieces.

Nelson and Chavez

Fully Managed Postgres. One Less Thing to Worry About

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AWS RDS Postgres Deployment with pgAdmin 4 — How to use the pgAdmin AWS RDS deployment wizard for deploying a fresh Postgres database on AWS.

Yogesh Mahajan (EDB)


PostgresML 1.0.1 – Train models and make predictions from Postgres.
ActiveRecordExtended 3.0 – Extra Postgres functionality for Rails apps.
PGLoader 3.6.7 – Continuous migration tool.
pg_timetable 4.9 – Advanced scheduling extension.
pgsodium 3.0.4 – Modern cryptography with libsodium.
PLV8 3.1.4 – The V8 JS engine for Postgres.
django-pgtrigger 4.3.2 – Write Postgres triggers for Django models.
PostGIS 3.3.0rc2
Pgpool-II 4.3.3, 4.2.10, 4.1.13, 4.0.20 and 3.7.25
CloudNativePG 1.16.1 and 1.15.3