Postgres Weekly Issue 45
February 5, 2014
Examining Postgres 9.4 - A First Look
There have been a few write-ups we’ve highlighted on specific commits and changes for the upcoming release but here’s a broader overview of some of the most exciting features in Postgres 9.4 that have been fully committed as well as use cases from them.
Craig Kerstiens
Everyday Postgres: Describing An 'Ideal' Postgres Operational Environment
Many people run Postgres and for most it may never cause any headaches, but when things do break its always better if you’ve prepared properly. Selena highlights what an ideal operational setup looks like in case you’re unsure if yours matches it.
Selena Deckelmann
Playing with JSON in Postgres
A bit of a lighter read, but a great one that shows how easy it can be to pull some JSON data from the web directly into Postgres and begin working with it.
Avdi Grimm
WAL-E + Postgres 9.x (single server + DB) Setup and Recovery
WAL-E is a convenient and simple tool to help you work with Postgres replication. Here’s an equally simply guide to setting it up.
PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery with Barman
This week we’ve got not 1 but 2 of the better tools for helping set up replication with Postgres. Here’s a simple guide for getting up and running with it so you can feel safer with running your own Postgres.
Dale Macartney
PostgreSQL Awesomeness for Rails Developers
Targeted towards Rails developers, really its a more broad guide on getting setup with Postgres, working with it, and of course highlighting many of the awesome features within. Really a great read if you’re new to Postgres or looking to share some reading with others who are new.
Hubert Łępicki
A PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) for Firebird
The world of foreign data wrappers continue to expand, proving PostgreSQL as an even better and better federated database. Here’s one more to the collection of existing ones, this one for Firebird.
PostgreSQL Extension Network
Advanced Extension Use Cases (PDF)
Extensions continue to be an area where there’s ripe opportunity for innovation and advancement at a pace faster than Postgres core. Here’s a great overview of of some of them and the use cases they solve.
Dimitri Fontaine
Materialised Views Now and The Future (PDF)
Materialized views which finally arrive in Postgres 9.3 still have a ways to go. Some of thats coming in 9.4 highlighted within here as well as what the future holds for them in Postgres.
Thom Brown
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