Postgres Weekly Issue 46
February 13, 2014
Total Security in A PostgreSQL Database
Theres probably no place you should care about security more than when it comes to your data. Here’s a great thorough read about many of the things to consider from roles to which languages you run in your database.
IBM developerWorks
Some Basic PostgreSQL Orchestration from bash
If you actively develop with Postgres locally here’s a few scripts that may make your life easier.
Pavel Stehule
Colorizing The psql Prompt — A Guide
Building on an earlier post on taking advantage of psql, this digs much deeper into how you can customize various colors within it. A must for anyone that customizes their shells.
John Graber
A Kickstarter for Improved PostgreSQL Support in Django
If you’re a Django and Postgres user consider backing this Kickstarter by a Django core developer to build a PostgreSQL specific backend for Django, taking advantage of a lot of awesome features such as hstore and range types.
Generate man and html with asciidoc in a Postgres extension
Here’s a pretty sweet example for those looking to write extensions where it can automatically build docs to make it even more friendly for end users.
Michael Paquier
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