Postgres Weekly Issue 44
January 29, 2014
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Cooper Press
Single Table Inheritance + Hstore = A Lovely Combination
Table inheritance has long seemed promising, but in actuality had plenty of gotchas. Coupled with Hstore, a much more interesting picture emerges.
Joe Hirn
Writing PostGIS raster Map Algebra Callback Functions in PL/V8
The promise as well as delivery of PL/V8 (the JavaScript engine that can be embedded directly in Postgres) continues to impress as in this case providing a speedup of some of the standard PostGIS functions by implementing them in JavaScript.
Global sequences with postgres_fdw
Another use case for foreign data wrappers by taking advantage of them for centralizing your sequences across DBs, in addition to the often talked about cases of federating data.
Michael Paquier
TO_DATE() / TO_TIMESTAMP() gotchas
While slightly focused on the differences between Oracle and PostgreSQL, there are some interesting differences between to_date and to_timestamp which emerged on the pgsql mailing list.
Ian Barwick
PGObject on CPAN: NoSQL Ideas for PostgreSQL Applications
There’s an increase in solutions/option that add some functionality of NoSQL into Postgres. Here’s yet another option that helps address that in the form of a Perl module.
Chris Travers
firebird_fdw 0.2.0: A PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) for Firebird
PostgreSQL Extension Network
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