Postgres Weekly Issue 43
January 22, 2014
Postgres 9.4 Feature Highlight: ALTER SYSTEM SET for Dynamic Configuration
While you could modify many config settings for a specific database, in 9.4 with some new new SQL commands you’ll be able to modify the configuration of the Postgres server itself.
Michael Paquier
PostgreSQL Conference New York - April 3-4, 2014
PGConf NYC 2014 focuses on how people use PostgreSQL, from the perspective of developers, DBAs, systems administrators, and decision makers. The schedule for the site is now live, take a look at the talks and make sure to register.
PGConf NYC 2014
Understanding Postgres Parameter Context
There’s a variety of controls within Postgres, each of these have different times and opportunities where they can be modified. Here’s a great simple overview into them.
Gurjeet Singh
SQL for Reporting Queries
A collection of Postgres queries by @selenamarie that highlights some of the more powerful as well as useful features including CTEs, JSON, HyperLogLog, and Window functions.
Selena Deckelmann
Woolly: A Mac GUI for Postgres
There continues to be more and more in the line of admin interfaces for Postgres, clearly attempting to address the hole of quality ones. Here’s yet another attempt for Mac.
Mac App Store
Constructing Escape-Time Fractals with PostgreSQL
While not overly practical here’s a few really fun queries showing just how expressive you can be in SQL.
Explain Extended
DB Doc 1.0: Postgres Database Documentation Tool
Commercial software (with a trial) that documents your server’s properties, settings, and database objects.
Yohz Software
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Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
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