Postgres Weekly Issue 42
January 15, 2014
Nordic PostgreSQL Day 2014: Stockholm, March 20
There seems to be no shortage of Postgres events as popularity continues to grow, and the Nordic PG Day seems to be another great example of such.
Rapid Schema Development with PostgreSQL [video]
All Your Base Conf is a great general database conference. In 2013, Andrew Godwin was there to represent Postgres. He highlighted it as not just a great relational database but how you can go move beyond using it as just a relational database.
All Your Base Conf 2013
Everyday Postgres: Specifying All Your INSERT Columns
Postgres has a lot of conveniences when it comes to working with it each day, such as not specifying all your targets on an insert. At the same time this can come to bite you later on as Selena discusses here.
Selena Deckelmann
How to Recover or Reset A Lost PostgreSQL Password
Hopefully it doesn’t frequently happen, but a lost password on a Postgres database can absolutely occur. When it does there is a solution, given you have appropriate access to the box.
5 Degrees of Pokémon Bacon
Common Table Expressions or CTEs are an awesomely useful feature in Postgres; when used as recursive CTEs they can become immensely powerful. Here’s a bit more of an unorthodox example using them with Pokémon.
Brian Dunavant
Que: A Ruby Job Queue That Uses PostgreSQL's Advisory Locks for Speed and Reliability
While advisory locks have some caveats, here’s a Ruby job queue that promises improved speed and reliability for queuing jobs over commonly popular libraries.
Chris Hanks
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