Postgres Weekly Issue 41
January 8, 2014
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It's not launching until next month but our first new weekly newsletter of 2014 will be covering database technology from all angles (NoSQL, SQL, graph, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Rethink, Redis, and anything that's interesting or pushing the industr forward).
Cooper Press
PGConf NYC 2014 Call for Proposals Ends This Week
PGConf NY is quickly becoming a popular and great Postgres conference. Proposals have to be in by this Friday if you want to speak.
Fed Up with Long WHERE-clauses?
SQL is powerful though not always super easy to follow. Here’s an awesome trick for simplifying long verbose WHERE clauses.
Hans-Juergen Schoenig
PostgreSQL Shutdown Modes
Knowing which way to properly shut down your database to prevent data issues or restart time is critical for anyone running their own Postgres database. Take a look here at the few different shutdown modes Postgres has.
Hans-Juergen Schoenig
Waiting for 9.4: Improve EXPLAIN to Print The Grouping Columns in Agg and Group
EXPLAIN in Postgres is incredibly powerful once you know how to use it, yet even for the knowledgeable it can be confusing. Fortunately it’s continuing to improve in 9.4 with agg and grouping costs becoming a bit clearer.
Hubert depesz Lubaczewski
Waiting for 9.4: Add New wal_level 'logical' Sufficient for Logical Decoding
One of the biggest changes in Postgres 9.4 is likely to be logical replication. Logical replication could enable a whole new set of functionality. Here’s a quick look at it and some of the progress on getting needed pieces in.
Hubert depesz Lubaczewski
FOSDEM PGDay 2014: Brussels, Belgium - January 31
In addition to FOSDEM’s normal Postgres Dev room, there’s a PG Day the day before. If you’re planning to be at FOSDEM, this is worth the extra day.
Database Federation Performance Showdown
With the addition of the Postgres foreign data wrapper FDWs are getting more attention, and deservingly so. But how do they match up to previous alternatives in regards to performance? Find out here.
Joshua Tolley
Streaming Rep Saturday
The Portland Postgres user group is having a hands on session for getting up and running with replication. If you’re in the area this looks to be worth your time, either come and learn or offer to help out.
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