#​445 — March 9, 2022

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🇺🇦 We stand with Ukraine, have been donating to the cause, and encourage all to consider the victims of this war in thoughts and actions. This blog post from a Rubyist trapped in Kharkiv says it better than we could. — PC

Postgres Weekly

'How We Optimized Our Postgres Queries 100x' — When it comes to optimizing Postgres queries “the rabbit hole is deep”, says Vadim who ran into some very specific pain points. This is a good look at how he tackled a few performance problems and got some reasonably easy wins.

Vadim Markovtsev

Awesome Postgres: A Curated List of 200+ Libraries, Tools, and Resources — It’s been four years since we’ve linked to this handy resource but it continues to get updates. It covers all areas from backups to GUI clients, managed services to Docker images, blogs, and more. You can also contribute your own suggestions via the repo.

Asad Dhamani and Contributors

5 Mins of Postgres - A Weekly Video Series by pganalyze — Every Thursday, we publish a short, bite-sized video on YouTube to walk you through noteworthy Postgres updates and content that we came across in the previous 7 days. Check out the first 7 episodes and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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In brief:

🟩  How to Cheat at WORDLE with Postgres — I’m glad to see someone admitting that using code to help you play Wordle is cheating, but nonetheless it’s also neat to see Postgres getting a piece of the action. You might pick up a handy SQL technique or two from this too, so we’re all winners really.

Jean-Paul Argudo

Creating Checksums for Tables — A look at an approach to hashing table data in aggregate in order to create a checksum for comparing the equality of different groups of data (e.g. tables).

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Introducing the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

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Automating RDS and Aurora Postgres Log Exports to Amazon S3 with Extensions — A walkthrough of using the pg_cron extension (now supported on AWS’s Postgres services) to automatically run exports of logs to S3 using log_fdw and aws_s3. Heavily AWS oriented but you could adapt a similar approach to other places too.

Sanaba, Bedi, and Bessette (AWS)

Pl/Perl RecursionPL/Perl enables you to write Postgres functions in Perl (which opens up a lot of succinct string manipulation options). This is a dig into a particularly obscure part.

Luca Ferrari

SQL Notebook 1.1: A Windows App for Casual Data Exploration with SQL — Import your data from CSV, Excel, SQL Server, Postgres or MySQL and then use a lightweight Jupyter-style notebook interface for exploratory queries.

Brian Luft

SQLreduce: Reduces Verbose Breaking SQL Queries to Minimal ExamplesSQLsmith is a tool for generating random SQL queries with an aim at finding bugs in database systems, but its ‘successful’ (i.e. ones that break Postgres!) queries can often be more verbose than they need to be. SQLreduce resolves this. GitHub repo. Alas, this will not be of immediate use if you merely want to simplify working queries..


Bun 1.1: A Simple Go(lang) SQL Database Client for Postgres and More — A client library that provides an ‘ORM-like’ experience with Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite. The querying approach is quite idiosyncratic but very fluent (in the chainable sense).


rails-pg-extras 4.0: Postgres Performance Insights for Rails Devs — Ruby on Rails developer? This plugin lets you get quick info about locks, index usage, buffer cache hit ratios, vacuum stats and more.

Paweł Urbanek