#​444 — March 2, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

OrioleDB: A New Cloud-Native Storage Engine for Postgres? — It’s early days for this project, but OrioleDB is a Postgres extension aimed at bringing some modern ideas to how tables are accessed, including undo logs, copy-on-write checkpoints, row-level WAL, and lock-less page reading. It’s in alpha (and Postgres 14 only) but this is an approach to watch.

Alexander Korotkov et al.

Stop Wasting Time Rewriting Code. Streamline Code Reuse — With Sourcegraph, you can find existing code libraries for reuse and avoid spending time on problems you know a teammate already solved. This means a more secure and coherent codebase and more time for you to spend on more interesting work.

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pgwatch2 v1.9 Beta Releasedpgwatch2 is a popular Postgres monitoring and dashboard system. v1.9 brings a new maintainer, improved development process, improved performance, and better connection pooling. It’s ready for you to test now.

Pavlo Golub

In brief:

String Processing in SQL, The Hard Way — I don’t think I’ve ever seen string manipulation compared to cliff climbing before, but Josh shows us some similarly dicey terrain when it comes to accurately splitting and working with strings with SQL, regexp_split_to_table, and concat_ws.

Josh Tolley

Migra: Like diff But for Postgres Schemas — Sure, you can take two SQL files and run diff between them, but Migra takes things to the next level and ‘magically’ figures out the SQL required to get from A to B which might be useful. GitHub repo.


pg_back 2.1.0: A Simple and Thorough Backup Tool for Postgres — A tool (written in Go) for dumping your databases to files, including roles, server parameters, and more, in the format of your choice. Uses pg_dumpall and pg_dump behind the scenes to get all the data you need.

Nicolas Thauvin

Studio 3T Manages Your Data, While You Wrestle Your App into Shape

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Logical Replication/Decoding Improvements in Postgres 13 and 14 — The author suggests that users who abandoned logical replication in the past should reconsider as PG 13+ has introduced major improvements.

Jobin Augustine

How to Migrate from SQL Server to Aurora PostgreSQL using SSIS and Babelfish — Babelfish is Amazon’s T-SQL to Postgres compatibility layer and this post demonstrates using it along with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to migrate from SQL Server to AWS’s Aurora PostgreSQL offering if you have SQL Server workloads.

Barot and Venkatraman (AWS)