#​416 — July 28, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

Performing ETL Using Inheritance — If you need to update a multi-terabyte table with near-zero downtime, Postgres’s support for table inheritance could surprisingly come in handy.

Robert Bernier

Playing with NFL Data with Postgres, TimescaleDB and SQL — NFL training camps are now opening and here you can see how time-series data provided by the NFL can be used from Postgres to uncover valuable insights into many player performance metrics. Of course, there’s a heavy dose of Timescale (a time-series extension for Postgres) involved to make it all work too.


An Operations-Free, Scalable & Flexible Postgres Alternative — Fauna combines the operational integrity and relational modeling of Postgres with an interface and architecture that fits better with modern app development in the cloud. The goodness of Postgres without its operational bottlenecks - Learn more about Fauna.

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A Syntax Guide to ClickHouse for Postgres UsersClickHouse is an increasingly popular column-based OLAP database system and this guide covers how to adapt many types of Postgres query to the ClickHouse style.


Accessing Postgres Databases from Go(lang) — No ORMs here, it’s a review of low-level ways to access Postgres databases from Go, including the pq driver, pgx and sqlx.

Eli Bendersky

Modern Data Analysis with Postgres - JSONB vs. Window Functions — A look at a classical data layout paradigm and how transactional database features, such as fast UPDATEs and JSON/JSONB types, can make analytics easier.

Thomas Richter

Increasing the Maximum Parallel Workers Per Gather — Postgres’s ability to run operations in parallel has continued to get better with each version, but the default settings can be a little conservative. “If you think your workload could benefit from more parallelism, then this post is for you”.

Michael Christofides

Logical Replicas and Snapshots: Proceed Carefully — Reflections on techniques such as those demonstrated in 'Creating a Logical Replica from a Snapshot in RDS Postgres' where making things work faster can often mean needing an expert at the helm to ensure things go smoothly. In summary: “Shortcuts are dangerous and wrought with peril if you don’t understand them”.

Jeremy Schneider

Looking at the Postgres Extension Catalogs — There are three main catalogs you can look at to see which extensions are active, which are available, and which versions of various extensions are available.

Luca Ferrari

Track Key PostgreSQL Metrics in Real Time with Datadog

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Efficient Pagination in Django and Postgres — Three different methods for data pagination with Django and Postgres and the pros and cons of each.

Ryan Westerberg

Replicating a Postgres Cluster to Redshift with AWS DMS — The team at RevenueCat use Postgres as their main database but then use Redshift (AWS’s managed data warehouse service) for analytics – here’s how they replicate data in, at scale using the Database Migration Service.

Jesús Sánchez

The Amazing 'Buffer Tag' in Postgres — Buffer tags are used internally by Postgres to optimize the process of connecting buffers and data files. This is low level stuff and not for everyone. Almost no Postgres user needs to know these internal pieces, but you may find it interesting nonetheless.

David Zhang

pg_validate_extupgrade: Tool to Validate Postgres Extension Upgrade Scripts — This is very niche, but handy if you develop and distribute your own Postgres extensions and want to verify that your extension’s upgrade script will yield the right outcome.

Julien Rouhaud

Streaming JSON Data into Postgres with Open Source Kafka Sink Connectors
Paul Brebner

Deploying Pgpool-II Exporter with Docker
Bo Peng