#​415 — July 21, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

Cut Out the Middle Tier: Generating JSON Directly from Postgres — As well as being able to store JSON data structures, Postgres has long been able to generate JSON which it can return directly for use in your app (or to pass directly to users, if you're confident).

Paul Ramsey

Scheduling Jobs with pg_cron on an Amazon RDS or Aurora Database — RDS supports the pg_cron extension in 12.5 and higher, Aurora supports it in 12.6 and higher. You can use it to automate routine maintenance tasks.

Sukhpreet Kaur Bedi (AWS)

Visualize Key Postgres Performance Metrics with Datadog — Identify slow-running queries, bottlenecks and errors fast with granular Postgres analytics and out-of-the-box dashboards. Correlate data alongside traces and logs to optimize Postgres performance in real time. Start a Datadog trial today.

Datadog sponsor

Postgres Skipping Unexpectedly When Generating Sequential IDs? — The original title “One, Two, Skip a Few…” sounds more fun, but I wanted to explain better what this is about :-) Essentially Postgres can pass over preallocated values in a sequence when it crashes or otherwise gets restarted in an unexpected way.

Pineapple Technology

The Logical Replication of In-Progress Transactions — Postgres 14 is gaining the ability to stream large in-progress transactions and this post goes into quite some detail on the problems involved and how it came together.

Amit Kapila

How to Get a List of Elements from Multiranges? — Another look at working with Postgres’s forthcoming multirange dataypes.

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Control 'Runaway' Queries with a Statement Timeout — A well-tuned production database is a beautiful thing to see handling queries by the thousands until.. a query that brings everything to a crashing halt. Setting a default statement timeout for your database can help avoid some tricky moments.

Craig Kerstiens

Benchmarking CentOS vs Rocky Linux with Postgres — Benchmarks are always tricky to interpret, I find, but it was interesting to learn about Rocky Linux which, like CentOS before it, is a Red Hat Enterprise compatible Linux distro.

Dinesh Kumar

💻 How to Install psql on Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows

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pgAdmin 4 v5.5 Released — The popular Postgres web-based administration tool takes another step forward. 5.5 gains OAuth 2 support and introduces the ability to highlight long running queries on dashboards.

pgAdmin Development Team

Noisia: A 'Harmful Workload Generator' for Postgres — Creates things like deadlocks, transactions that do nothing and queries that produce on-disk temporary files. Why? For testing, stress-testing your setup, etc. Use carefully and with caution.

Lesovsky Alexey

PGX: Build Postgres Extensions with Rust — A framework for building Postgres extensions with Rust rather than the C or C++ you might be more used to. It now supports Postgres 13 too.