#384 — December 2, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

Amazon Unveils 'Babelfish', a SQL Server to Postgres Translation Layer — When you’ve spent years building data systems on top of SQL Server or Oracle, migrating to something like Postgres could seem like a pipedream. AWS has unveiled Babelfish to help in future – it’s designed to let Postgres work with apps built solely for SQL Server. It’s going to be open sourced in 2021, but is in preview specifically for Aurora now.

Matt Asay (AWS)

PostGIS Trajectory Tricks: Playing with Space and Time — A fun, yet practical, post demonstrating how Postgres and PostGIS can be used for routing and calculating travel times and progress.

Ryan Lambert

Postgres Build 2020 - PostgreSQL Online Conference [Free] — Listen to 25+ talks on the latest in PostgreSQL and on how PostgreSQL helps businesses. This conference will also provide wellness sessions to promote health and revitalize. Join us from December 8 - 9. Register now.

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Running PgBouncer on AWS Elastic Container Service — RevenueCat has an Aurora-based database, wanted a connection pooler, and RDS Proxy didn’t fit the bill.

Tony Cosentini (RevenueCat)

How pgBackRest is Addressing Slow WAL ArchivingpgBackRest is a backup and restore tool. This post digs into one way it’s becoming faster with asynchronous archiving.

Jobin Augustine

Postgres Configuration Changes to Make Post-Installation — So you’ve installed Postgres onto your machine, and you want to start working with it. What’s next? Configuration changes!

Robert Bernier (Percona)

How a Postgres Extension Shellcode Execution Exploit Works — This would take a little work to pull off, as it requires a user be able to execute queries as a privileged user and also to place a specially crafted DLL on the server, but it’s useful to be aware of vectors like this.


Building a Modern Backend with TypeScript, PostgreSQL and Prisma — A four part written/video series focused on the role of the database in every aspect of backend development.

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How to Write a Trigger for Checking a Given Value Before INSERT or UPDATE — Seen via Vlad Mihalcea.

Stack Overflow

Calling a Postgres Stored Procedure from Java (and Current Limitations)
Ahsan Hadi

Deploy Pgpool-II on Kubernetes to Achieve Query Load Balancing and Monitoring
Bo Peng

🔧 Tools and Code

Marten: A Postgres-Based Document Database and Event Store for .NET — Essentially a library that lets .NET developers work with Postgres’s powerful JSON indexing and querying features in an abstracted way. There’s a new .NET Core Podcast episode featuring an interview with Marten developer Jeremy Miller that you might find useful to get the bigger picture.

.NET Foundation

Serverless-Postgres: Manage Postgres Connections at Serverless Scale in Node.jsRDS Proxy is one way to handle lots of simultaneous database connections but.. costs money. This doesn’t, and if you’re using a library built on top of node-pg, you might find it useful.

Matteo Gioioso

check_pgactivity 2.5: A Postgres Plugin for Nagios — Use Nagios for monitoring? Use this to have it monitor Postgres too. v2.5 improves Postgres 12 and 13 support amongst other things.

OPM Development Group