#383 — November 25, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

How Does Postgres Fare on the Arm-Based M1 MacBook Pro? — Apple has begun to roll out machines using its own Arm-based M1 CPUs and the initial performance improvements have been impressive. But while macOS runs faster than ever, what about Postgres? Spoiler alert.. wow?

Greg Smith

How to Limit Rows to At Most N Per Category — One of those things that sounds simple, but isn’t quite as simple in practice. There’s a lot of SQL to enjoy here(!) and it’ll be an eye opener if you haven’t worked with triggers in a while.

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Free eBook: How to Get a 3x Performance Improvement on Your Postgres Database — Learn our best practices for optimizing Postgres query performance for customers like Atlassian and how to reduce data loaded from disk by 500x.

pganalyze sponsor

Making Postgres Stored Procedures 9X Faster in CitusCitus is a long standing extension for bringing stronger horizontal scalability and distributed querying to Postgres. Here’s the tale of how stored procedures were made 9x faster between Citus 8.3 and 9.4 and the various techniques used to make it happen.

Marco Slot

Call for New Member for the Code of Conduct Committee“The PostgreSQL Community Code of Conduct Committee is searching for a new member to fill a vacant seat.” Could that be you? The deadline to apply is the end of today, but you only have to answer several questions in an email.

PostgreSQL CoC Committee

Postgres: The 'Batteries Included' Database — Frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails can be called ‘batteries included’ systems because they include authentication, an ORM, tooling, and more out of the box. Postgres is like that in the database sphere, argues Craig – it has it all (or it can be added!)

Craig Kerstiens

Azure CLI Improvements for Azure Database for PostgreSQL — Covers a variety of improvements for Azure users, including that you can now create a single Postgres server instance with a single command.


Writing a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper for Clickhouse in Go — Foreign data wrappers (FDWs) provide a way for Postgres servers to interact with external services (including other database systems), such as the ClickHouse OLAP DBMS covered here.

Arun Sori

More Postgres, Less Administration — Developer friendly, production ready. Crunchy Bridge is the better option for your Postgres hosting.

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Using 'Insert-Only' Data Modelling to Smooth Peaks on Slow Disks — A look at a pattern where UPDATEs get replaced by more performant INSERTs which can be of benefit with certain load patterns and restricted infrastructure configurations.

Kaarel Moppel

Penkala: Composable Query Builder for Postgres Written in Clojure — Its creator wasn’t happy with the level of abstraction used in other Clojure database libraries. Penkala is higher level than HugSQL or HoneySQL but flexible, composable, and with first class support for Postgres features.

Mihael Konjević

pg-mem: An Experimental In-Memory Postgres Instance for Tests from Node.js — I’m not sure about this approach for the long term as it’s a clone with its own SQL parser and will not behave identically to Postgres, but if you’re a Node developer maybe it’ll be of interest.

Olivier Guimbal