Postgres Weekly Issue 38
December 4, 2013
PGCon 2014: The PostgreSQL Conference
PGCon is the world's largest Postgres conference, packed with core developers and end users. If there’s one conference to get to for Postgres, this is it. A call for proposals is still open so if you’re doing something interesting be sure to submit a talk.
Everyday Postgres: Tuning a brand-new server (the 10-minute edition)
After a fresh install, there are probably a few knobs you want to tweak on Postgres. If you’re new to doing this, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a quick primer on tuning a brand new server to be more properly configured.
Selenda Deckelmann
What can you do with PostgreSQL and JSON?
JSON came along in PostgreSQL 9.2, but got a lot of great improvements with more operators by 9.3. Here’s a great look at some of the functionality now available for using JSON in Postgres.
Dave Clark
Improving the Command-Line Postgres Experience
A common Postgres question is “what’s the best editor for Postgres?” I’ve taken my shot at answering this previously with a response of plain old psql. Here’s yet another post to help you extend it further to be even more powerful with it.
Getting Started With PGBouncer
If you’re running at any sort of scale with Postgres using a connection pooler is an absolute must. Here’s a lightweight post on getting your feet wet with the probably most common connection pooler, PGBouncer.
Rob Sullivan
PostgreSQL 9.2 and 9.3 Now Available on Travis CI
Travis CI, a popular CI tool (particularly for open source projects) now has richer Postgres support with their support for 9.2 and 9.3. They’ve also upgraded their own Postgres install and you can read more about that too.
Travis CI
Reintroducing Hstore for PostgreSQL
Even though JSON is now here and offers some great usability, hstore still has its place in the Postgres world offering better performance in many places. Here’s a high level overview of some of the updates that are likely coming to hstore, and with any luck a convergence of hstore and JSON.
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