Postgres Weekly Issue 37
November 27, 2013
As always, thanks to Craig Kerstiens for continuing to curate Postgres Weekly :-)
PostgreSQL's November 2013 Replication Issue
A pretty bad bug has been discovered in most recent release of PostgreSQL regarding replication which can cause corruption of data silently on the slave. Be prepared to update your Postgres version as soon as the minor version releases are available in coming days. As the wiki says: If you are currently using 9.2.4, 9.1.9 or 9.0.13 and use any form of builtin replication do not install the most recent update. Instead, wait for the next update (9.2.6, 9.1.11 and 9.0.15) to come out.
PostgreSQL wiki
I’m not sure this advice is great in all cases, as enforcing appropriate constraints can be great for data quality, but the underlying idea that VARCHAR and TEXT are largely equivalent is worth reading about.
Jon Morton
Using JavaScript in PostgreSQL
Even with all the recent posts being so much that they merited a full roundup, there still seems to be even more great content coming out about JavaScript's roles within Postgres, including this one on building PLV8 yourself and getting started with it.
Szymon Guz
Copying Rows Between PostgreSQL Databases
If you’re moving data between databases or even from files to databases, Postgres’ copy command can be your best friend. It efficiently loads bulk data in or out of Postgres.
Szymon Guz
Connection Limit Guidance
While specific to Heroku Postgres, there’s some hidden knowledge in here about what a connection actually ‘costs’ in Postgres. Contrary to what most think a connection isn’t completely free.
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