Postgres Weekly Issue 36
November 20, 2013
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
If you’re on Amazon and have longed for Postgres support… well its finally here. Amazon now has Postgres support in public beta, and I’m confident will be improving it over time.
A First Look at PostgreSQL RDS on Amazon
Just a day after the initial launch of Postgres on RDS one of the key Postgres community members took a look under the covers of it. Here’s a great write up of what its good for and where you may still want other options.
Database Soup
effective_cache_size: Better Set It Right
Postgres has a vast array of configuration settings. Many of them can be extremely safe even if you misconfigure, but others such as effective_cache_size can have a broad impact on the performance of your database.
Cybertec Schönig
Introducing Heroku Postgres 2.0
If running and managing your own Postgres isn’t your cup of tea, for sometime there’s been Heroku Postgres. With a new version it's now even more feature-rich including rollback, HA, and a new level of operational expertise built right in.
Everyday Postgres: INSERT with SELECT
If you’re inserting a lot of repetitive data via a bunch of insert statements theres a better way to do this as Selena points out in this practical but helpful tip.
Selena Deckelmann
The best Postgres feature you're not using – CTEs aka WITH clauses
CTEs or Common Table Expressions are a great way to make your SQL more readable and able to be reasoned about. If you’re not familiar with them make sure to give this one a look to see how and where you can start using them.
Craig Kerstiens
Efficient Django QuerySet Use
If you use Django’s ORM then there may be some potholes that introduce some less than ideal performance characteristics. Here’s a great set of slides from a recent talk on working better with your database with Django.
Jayson Falkner
Sequel and Postgres Range Types
Range types are one of those awesome features that for certain use cases makes total sense. If you’re using them in an ORM then you may be missing out, fear not though because here’s a guide for taking advantage of them with the Ruby Sequel ORM.
Writable CTEs in Postgres
If you’re brand new to CTEs make sure to check out the other post available this week. If you’re more familiar you still may have not used them for writing data as well, which can be extremely handy.
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