Postgres Weekly Issue 39
December 11, 2013
PostgreSQL Maintenance Releases: 9.3.2, 9.2.6, 9.1.11, 9.0.15, and 8.4.19
Why You Need to Apply (December 5th's) Update(s) Real Soon
The most recent minor releases of Postgres address a variety of pretty bad bugs, in particular the ability for corruption to appear in certain situations. It’s strongly encouraged you update ASAP.
Josh Berkus
What does “Fix VACUUM’s tests to see whether it can update relfrozenxid” really mean?
If you’re unsure if you’ve already been bitten by some of the bugs fixed in the most recent release, or even what they mean here’s a good deep dive into a particular one along with some details on how you can know if you’ve already been affected.
PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery with Barman (PGConf.EU 2013)
The Power of Subqueries in PostgreSQL
With all the focus this week on the new release here’s at least one article to help you level up your SQL skills, highlighting what useful things you can do with subqueries.
Konstantin Greger
Postgres NOTIFY for cache busting and more
Chris Stucchio
PgREST: A JSON Document Store Running Inside PostgreSQL
As more and more applications build the API first making this quicker and simpler is important for any data store. PgRest is capable of loading Node.js modules and compatible with MongoLab’s REST API and Firebase’s real-time API.
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