#357 — May 27, 2020

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📺 BTW, if you're in the mood for some live Postgres talks, be sure to check out the PGCon item as it's taking place right as we send this issue. 😁

Postgres Weekly

EXPLAIN ANALYZE May Be Lying to You — It’s not often a Postgres article starts off leaning on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, but Álvaro looks at situations where analyzing a query might well be distorting what really happens behind the scenes..

Álvaro Hernández

PostgreSQL 13 Beta 1 Released — The draft release notes (we linked these last week too) are available, but the biggest improvements are to partitioning, B-tree indexes, incremental sorting, parallel VACUUMing, client connection security, and Windows operability.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Announcing CockroachDB 20.1: Build Fast, and Build to Last — Meet the resilient, scalable SQL database, now with improved PostgreSQL compatibility. Bring effortless scalability and bulletproof resilience to all your applications. Try free for 30 days →

Cockroach Labs sponsor

The PGCon 2020 Conference is Streaming.. Now! — Like many events, Postgres’s annual PGCon is virtual and taking part right now with three streaming rooms, Zoom, and an IRC chat across May 26-29. Full schedule, if you have time - the main talks start shortly after we're sending this issue :-)


Do You Really Need a Tool for Partition Management? — Table partitioning is a way to divide tables into more manageable parts and can also speed up queries. Postgres has provided features for since this version 10 but there’s not a lot of tooling around it.. but do we need any?

Kaarel Moppel

Hidden / Implicit Table Columns — Did you know that behind the scenes of each table there are several hidden columns including tableoid, cmax and ctid? This post looks at what their contents represent.

muhammad usama

Postgres Tips for Optimizing Django and Python Performance — A broad summary up based on a (rather more detailed) talk Louise gave for PyCon 2020.

Louise Grandjonc


Denis Gobo

Inspecting Command Tags and Events in Event Triggers — If you didn’t see it, we interviewed Luca in issue 352.

Luca Ferrari

Learn About the Top 6 Events to Monitor in Your Database Logs — In this eBook, we walk you through the most important Postgres log events for monitoring query performance and preventing downtime.

pganalyze sponsor

▶  What Developers Are Doing with Postgres and MySQL On Azure — A 30 minute talk and discussion from last week’s virtual Microsoft Build conference. Quite high level.

Andrea Lam and Samay Sharma

Zapatos: Zero-Abstraction Postgres for TypeScript — Build TypeScript schemas for Postgres tables, get the right types for things going into and coming out of Postgres, and so much more. Some serious time has been put into the thorough docs here, by the way.

George MacKerron

pgagroal 0.7.0: A High Performance Postgres Connection Pool — 0.7 brings Prometheus support, remote management, and the ability to disconnect idle clients after a chosen number of seconds.

Red Hat Inc.

🗓 Upcoming Online Events

  • Postgres Pulse - weekly at 11am ET each Monday. Weekly Zoom-based sessions with folks like Bruce Momjian, Vibhor Kumar, and other people at EnterpriseDB.
  • Postgres Vision 2020 on June 23-24. A full attempt at an online Postgres conference across multiple days with multiple tracks.