#351 — April 15, 2020

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Postgres Weekly

A Detailed Look at pg_show_plans — A few issues ago we linked to a basic introduction to pg_show_plans – this goes a little further. pg_show_plans lets you look at the execution plans of slow queries in real time as they’re being executed which can help you when troubleshooting.

Kaarel Moppel

Intersecting GPS Tracks to Identify Infected Individuals — I’m not a huge fan of COVID-19 related content, but this is a pretty interesting technique with numerous use cases. Essentially it uses PostGIS to identify overlapping paths.

Florian Nadler

Online Training: Learn PostgreSQL from Home — The remote PostgreSQL Database Administration training course is available at a discounted rate & will be conducted in two different timezones. The course covers day-to-day DBA operations, monitoring, server configurations, and more.

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Training sponsor

PostgreSQL's 'Related Projects' — Thanks to Andreas Scherbaum for pointing out a new page on the Postgres site dedicated to projects related to Postgres like the code that runs the Postgres web site, mailing list, build farm, package management system, etc.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Authentication Configuration in Postgres (and CockroachDB) — In Postgres, client authentication can be controlled via a ‘HBA’ (host-based authentication) file. It’s not something we see covered very often, so you might find this interesting, particularly as it compares things against CockroachDB.

Raphael ‘kena’ Poss

▶  Easy And Correct High Availability Postgres with Kubernetes — A 50 minute talk from PostgresOpen 2019 that goes all the way ‘from containers up’ until actually doing stuff with Postgres.

Steven Pousty

How To Set Up an Express API Backend Project With Postgres — A pretty extensive walkthrough of creating an HTTP API using Express with Node.js and Postgres on the backend, then deploying it all on Heroku.

Chidi Orji

A Beginners Guide to Basic Indexing in Postgres

James Bannister

eBook: The Most Important Events to Monitor in Your Postgres Logs — In this eBook, we are looking at the Top 6 Postgres log events for monitoring query performance and preventing downtime.

pganalyze sponsor

Documenting the Citus Extension to Postgres: An Interview with Joe Nelson — Joe, a.k.a. begriffs, talks about why he works on documentation, why the multi-tenant and real-time analytics tutorials matter, the INSERT..SELECT with repartitioning feature, and what development platform Citus uses for docs.

Citus Data (Microsoft)

Procedural vs Query Approaches for Finding Packages — Explorations of a query that can be used to display which packages are available for a given FreeBSD port. Get your head around the data model and the ideas here apply to all sorts of situations.

Dan Langille

🗓 Upcoming Events

All in-person events we had listed are cancelled or postponed due to the COVID outbreak, so we're now linking to webinars, livestreams, and similar online events.

If you have any, just hit reply and if it's Postgres related (and either free or not too expensive) we'll include it in a future issue. Just one this week:

🔐 – requires e-mail address or registration
💵 – costs money to participate

🐦 Seen on Twitter

Saw this tweet and thought it was a pretty neat reminder of the sorts of things we can do with Postgres. Justin kindly let us include it:

Click through to the original tweet if you want to see the code better. Neat use for a generated column!