#342 — February 12, 2020

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psql + gnuplot = Command Line Graphs From Your Datagnuplot is a command line graphing program and you can feed psql output directly into it to create neat command line based plots. There’s not a lot to see here, but this technique could be useful to you or inspire other ideas.

Pavel Stěhule

psql in Postgres 13 to Support Showing Transaction Status — The prompts in Postgres 13’s version of psql will show whether the current connection is in a transaction block or not.

Michael Paquier

Get Deeper Insights into Your DB with Automated EXPLAIN Plan Analysis — Other tools might show what happened in the database, pganalyze equips engineering teams with the insights to understand why it happened. Check out our new EXPLAIN insights features to get simple visualizations of costliest plan nodes, slow sorts, and more.

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Configuring work_mem in Postgreswork_mem is the amount of memory used for internal sort operations and hash tables before using temporary disk files instead and is set at just 4MB by default.

David Conlin

Aurora PostgreSQL Now Supports Machine Learning and Exporting to Amazon S3 — Several bits of news out of AWS this week for both Aurora (their Postgres-compatible RDBMS) and RDS (actual Postgres on AWS infrastructure). Aurora PostgreSQL can now integrate with AWS’s SageMaker machine learning service, you can export data directly into S3, and there’s improved Postgres 11.6 compatibility.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Versions and Instance Sizes — More AWS news, this time for RDS. As well as support for Postgres 11.6, 10.11, 9.6.16, and 9.5.20, you can now use RDS on more instance types (db.m5 and db.r5 8xlarge and 16xlarge sizes) if you really need 512GB or RAM on your Postgres instance :-)

Amazon Web Services

Why Does Dropping a Column Not Reclaim Disk Space? — In short, because it’s not usually necessary. A column is simply made ‘invisible’ to SQL operations and space will be reclaimed over time.

Luca Ferrari

How To Migrate From Trigger-Based Partitioning to Native

Keith Fiske

An Introduction to Aurora PostgreSQL Cluster Cache Management — Cluster cache management is a feature available on AWS’s Aurora Postgres variant that helps reduce the negative performance effects of lost/cold caches after failovers.

Sameer Malik and Andrei Ilyashenko

Dealing with Casing When Migrating from SQL Server to Postgres — SQL Server and Postgres have rather different approaches to the use of upper-case letters when naming things.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Save Time with Postgres Cheatsheet — Assembled with ❤️ by Timescale developers, Postgres Cheatsheet is a one-stop shop for essential Postgres commands. Click, copy, done.

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How to Map a Postgres Array to a Java List with JPA and Hibernate

Vlad Mihalcea

es2postgres: An ElasticSearch to Postgres Loader — Uses es2csv, xsv, sed and psql to periodically move data from Elasticsearch into Postgres.

Tibor Kiss

Hasql: A Flexible Postgres Driver for Haskell — Boasts a ‘flexible mapping API’ for mapping table data to values in the language.

Nikita Volkov

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