#299 — April 3, 2019

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Postgres Weekly

Postgres Gains 'Generated Column' Support — It's always great to see Postgres gaining support for an SQL-standard feature and this commit begins with a simple example of how one type of generated column will work in the future. MySQL 5.7 introduced a similar feature and SQL Server calls them computed columns.

Peter Eisentraut

Performing Postgres Upgrades Using pg_dump/pg_restore — Last time they looked at using pg_dumpall, now it’s pg_dump and pg_restore’s turn under the spotlight.

Jobin Augustine, Vallarapu, et al.

Metrics to Monitor in Your PostgreSQL Database — There are several key metrics you’ll want to keep track of when it comes to database performance, and they’re not all database-specific.

InfluxData sponsor

A 2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report — A multi-cloud DBaaS provider surveyed users at last month’s PostgresConf and shares the results here. AWS comes in as the most popular cloud platform to host Postgres on and cost is the biggest reason to choose Postgres.


Waiting for PostgreSQL 12: REINDEX CONCURRENTLY — In Postgres 12, the REINDEX command (which rebuilds an index from a table’s current data) gains an option to have it build the index in the background and switch it into play upon completion.

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Powering IoT and Time-Series Workloads with TimescaleDB for Azure Database for PostgreSQL — A new partnership with Timescale that introduces support for TimescaleDB (a Postgres extension that focuses on time-series support) on Azure for customers building IoT and time-series workloads.

Sunil Kamath (Microsoft)

How We Moved a Massively Parallel Postgres Database onto Kubernetes

Oz Basarir (Pivotal)

Statement Level Load Balancing in Pgpool-II 4.1


Thinking in MapReduce, but with SQL — See how a MapReduce methodology can be used to parallelize a SQL database, as we’ve done with Citus & Postgres.

Citus Data, Now Part Of The Microsoft Family sponsor

Migra: Like diff But For Postgres Schemas — Written in Python and can be used from your own Python scripts or the command line.

Robert Lechte

ActiveRecordExtended 1.0: Adds Additional Postgres Functionality to Ruby's Active Record — Active Record, as commonly used in Ruby on Rails apps to interact with databases, is naturally database agnostic but Postgres has so many extra querying features it’s a shame not to be able to use them. This gem adds things like array and JSON querying, CTEs, and unions to the mix.

George Protacio-Karaszi

repmgr 4.3 Released — A popular tool for replication and failover management that includes several usability improvements in this release.