#251 — April 11, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

The Story of A Mega Postgres 10 Upgrade — The challenge: Upgrading 1500 Postgres database clusters from version 9.3 to 10, in six data centres, with sizes ranging from ~1GB to 500+GB within a downtime window of 15 minutes.

Bricklen A

My Favorite Postgres Queries and Why They Matter — An interesting combination of queries the author has found to be interesting/engaging to explore, study, and learn from.

Joshua Otwell

Convince Your Boss to Send You to Postgres Vision in Boston — Whether you work for a start-up, a government agency, or an enterprise, we realize it can be difficult to justify your time out of the office and the cost of attending a conference. Get your justification letter and register today.

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Giving Raw SQL Access to Users with Row Level Security — Postgres’s row level security support provides a powerful primitive for giving direct access to a database while still limiting access to certain data. Also, Postgres documentation.

Craig Kerstiens

Building Real Time Analytics APIs at Scale — Algolia recently redesigned their analytics API, in order to provide near real-time analytics, and handle billions of search queries per day. Here’s how they did it, using Postgres as the datastore.

Sylvain Friquet

PostgreSQL Bloatbusters — Vacuum’s goal is generally to keep bloat under control, but sometimes it’s not enough. What are your options then?

Alexey Lesovsky

PGCon 2018 Registration Now Open — Takes place across May 29-June 1 in Ottawa, Canada. Schedule and tickets available here.

Dan Langille

SQL:2016 MERGE SQL Command Coming to Postgres 11 — Initial support has landed in the Postgres core codebase.

Simon Riggs

Postgres Privileges and Security: Locking Down the Public Schema — Details schema privileges and locking down the public schema.

Berend Tober

How to Set Up Streaming Replication with Postgres 10

Pierre-Emmanuel André

36 Postgres 'How To's Answered — From very simple things like renaming a table to working with CTEs and advanced filtering.


Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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Fast CSV and JSON Ingestion in Postgres with COPY — COPY is also incredibly helpful for ingesting data such as JSON or CSV into a PostgreSQL table, especially if there is a lot of it. Learn how to use COPY to optimize your data loading performance.

Jonathan S. Katz