#250 — April 4, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

New Annotated Config Files for Postgres 10annotated.conf is a repository that contains materials for understanding postgresql.conf better, including this CSV file explaining all 269 postgresql.conf settings.

Josh Berkus

pgBackRest 2.01 ReleasedpgBackRest is a Postgres backup and restore system designed to scale up to the largest Postgres databases and workloads. It supports backups to S3, encryption, tablespaces, checksum validation, and more. Version 2 is written in C for performance.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Register Now: Postgres Vision 2018 | Boston, June 5 & 6 — Deploying Postgres in the cloud, the rise of DBaaS, the changing role of the DBA, moving Oracle workloads to the cloud, addressing GDPR, and more. The conference agenda is now live.

Postgres Vision sponsor

▶  PostgreSQL at 20TB and Beyond: Analytics at a Massive Scale — A talk on how Postgres is being used to do near-real-time analytics on 400TB of high velocity data. 30 minutes.

Chris Travers

Postgres Begins Landing LLVM JIT Support for Faster Performance“JIT-compiling expressions for PostgreSQL has been found to be up to ~20%+ faster in database tests like TPC-H.”

Michael Larabel

Monitoring Postgres VACUUM Processes — A thorough guide to the art and science of investigating and resolving issues with Postgres’s vacuuming processes. This will be of particular interest if your use case involves heavy updating or deletion of data.

Emily Chang

An Easy Recipe for Creating a PostgreSQL Cluster with Docker Swarm — How to create a PG primary-replica cluster using Docker Swarm.

Jason O'Donnell

A Guide to Using pgBouncer — An introduction to pgBouncer, a lightweight connection pooler for Postgres.

Vladimir Svedov

Setting Up the pgbackrest Postgres Backup System

Federico Campoli

Migrating a Heroku App from MySQL to Postgres using PGLoader

Seth Weinheimer

▶  Using Performance Insights to Analyze Performance of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL — A brief video from AWS on using their Performance Insights system to monitor its Amazon Aurora flavored version of Postgres.

Amazon Web Services

OmniDB - Interactive Browser-Based Tool for Managing PostgreSQL

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Products sponsor

Announcing pgDash: Deep-Dive Monitoring for PostgreSQL — A future commercial offering but free during beta.