#249 — March 28, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

pgbedrock: A Declarative Role and Privilege Management Tool — A tool from Squarespace for managing a Postgres cluster’s roles, role memberships, schema ownership, and privileges in a declarative way from a specification file written in YAML.

Squarespace Inc.

Building on Solid Ground: Getting Postgres Foundations Right with 'pgbedrock' — How pgbedrock (above) improved the administration, privilege auditing, and end-user experience of Squarespace’s Postgres database.

Zach Marine

Two Weeks Away from the Largest Postgres Conference in North America — Join us April 16 - 20 for five days of trainings, sessions, workshops, and more. This will be the event of the year with sponsors Amazon and Pivotal coming together to demonstrate People, Postgres, Data.

PostgresConf.org sponsor

TopN for Your Postgres Database — A new open source extension for Postgres for calculating the most frequently occurring values in a column.

Furkan Sahin

The Best Alert and Notification Tools for Postgres — An overview of some of the best alert and notification systems available for Postgres deployments.

Viorel Tabara

Awesome Postgres: A Curated List of Libraries, Tools and Resources — It’s not new but this epic list of Postgres-related links continues to be updated on a frequent basis.

Asad Dhamani

Improving Transaction Latency by Moving Indexes to Faster Media — To improve PostgreSQL transaction latency for OLTP systems a good trick is to move indexes of busy tables to faster SSD media.

Kaarel Moppel

Making Postgres Talk to LDAP (with StartTLS) — Getting PG "working with LDAP & with SSL/TLS can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.”

Richard Yen

Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL: What You Should Know — A high-level overview of what you need to know if you are considering migrating your database from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Brian Fehrle

Postgres Meltdown and Spectre Benchmarks — Another look at the impact of Meltdown/Spectre, this time from a Senior System Engineer at game developer Nordeus.

Strahinja Kustudic

Come to #PerconaLive and Learn More About What You Can Do With PostgreSQL

Percona sponsor

Introducing dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL — This new IDE offers many robust features like Code Completion, Object Explorer and a Data Editor.


Golden Oldies ✨

Postgres 10 Identity Columns Explained

Peter Eisentraut

Understanding Caching in Postgres: An In-Depth Guide — An oldie but still goodie on all you need to know about how caching in Postgres works.

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