#248 — March 21, 2018

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Using pg_badplan to CREATE STATISTICS is a Good Plan — pg_badplan is a new extension that monitors Postgres queries and can log when Postgres statistics are not in line with the actual data. The extension looks handy for keeping your Postgres in shape.

Joel Jacobson

Database Constraints: The Last Line of Defense — Database constraints are a powerful tool to ensure data in your Postgres database is safe, accurate, and valid. Here you’ll see some of the constraints you can put in place.

Will Leinweber

Go Deep into Today’s Modern Data Tier to See the Root of the Problem Fast — SelectStar’s advanced analytics provide in-depth query metrics such as latency, prepared statements and requests to help you see where stumbling blocks may be lurking so you can quickly and effectively troubleshoot slow queries and improve performance.

SelectStar sponsor

Updating a 50 Terabyte Postgres Database — A look at payment platform Adyen’s evolving approach to updating their Postgres database — against the requirements and challenges posed by redundancy, uptime, and scalability.

Reinier Haasjes

MS Announces General Availability of Postgres on AzureAzure Database for PostgreSQL is a fully-managed Postgres service on Azure, backed by the same enterprise infrastructure as Azure’s SQL Server services.

Tobias Ternstrom


Loading Terabytes of Data from Postgres into BigQuery


Fun with SQL: 'generate_series' in Postgresgenerate_series is a handy function to generate data directly within Postgres. It can be useful for generating fake data, or certain reporting use cases.

Craig Kerstiens

Three Reasons Why VACUUM Won't Remove Dead Rows From A Table — Long running transactions, abandoned replication slots and orphaned prepared transactions.

Laurenz Albe

Key Things to Monitor in Postgres: Analyzing Your Workload — An overview of things to know when monitoring your database and its workload.

Achilleas Mantzios

How to Search For (and Destroy) Duplicate Rows in Postgres

Daria Khmel


HeidiSQL: A Native Windows App for Database Work — If you’re on Windows, HeidiSQL is a handy, open source database management tool. Supports Postgres, MySQL and SQL Server.

Ansgar Becker

Announcing the Release of pglogical 2.2 — A logical replication extension for Postgres.


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