Postgres Weekly Issue 20
July 24, 2013
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: REFRESH CONCURRENTLY
While PostgreSQL is 9.3 not quite yet out, but it is just around the corner, the first commit-fest for Postgres 9.4 is nearly closed. With it comes some new features that we can already start to get excited about, such as refresh concurrently.
Postgres Open 2013 Conference List of Talks
Postgres Open is the premiere PostgreSQL user conference, which is happening in September in Chicago. The list of talks is now available and its shaping up to be great. Of course for any Postgres Weekly readers that make it there would love to connect in person as I'll be there myself for a few talks.
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The rest
Using PostgreSQL hstore in a Rails application on Engine Yard Cloud
If you want to take advantage of some schemaless features without completely abandoning your relational DB hstore within Postgres is a great option. As highlighted in earlier issues it can play well with Rails, Django, or other frameworks. Heres one more great example of it with Rails from EY.
Fluming your PostgreSQL logs
If you've tweaked your PostgreSQL configuration enough theres a chance you're generating a massive amount of logs. Flume from the Hadoop project can help with this and heres a great guide for getting it setup.
PostgreSQL Tip of the Day
While within the 140 character restriction of Twitter, here's a great tip if you're working with Postgres and using functions.
Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer
Since you can't run an Explain on Explain, you have to resort to various presentations to get more insight into the optimizer. Here's a slightly older but great set of slides that help explain the query optimizer in Postgres.
Live updates to Meteor from Postgres
Pub/Sub is becoming a common feature for many web applications, Postgres of course have this natively with Listen/Notify but sometimes integrating it can be confusing. If you favor Meteor at all here's a great example of having the two work together.