Postgres Weekly Issue 19
July 17, 2013
As always, a big thanks to Craig Kerstiens for curating Postgres Weekly and if you want to recommend anything for a future issue, tweet @craigkerstiens and he'll consider it! :-)
Archiving Data as Fast as Possible
In almost every sense data is continuing to grow, sometimes faster than we can analyze it. Managing this by offloading old data to allow your dataset to be workable is important. This article highlights some of the best ways as well as the future of this process within PostgreSQL.
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The rest
Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen and the Perils of Network Partitions
Network partitions are real, but their practical consequences on complex applications are poorly understood. Kyle Kingsbury looks at interesting ways he's found to lose important data, the challenge of building systems which are reliable under partitions, and what it means for you. Covers Postgres, Redis, and Riak.
RECURSIVE Query is Recursive
If you've ever run a several queries in succession to find for example a child node you've done more work than needed. Here's a great overview of how recursive queries in Postgres work with real world example of when you'd use such.
The State of SQL Education
For those that are entirely new to Postgres and databases in general you aren't being overwhelmed with intro content. Here's a great post that highlights three of the best resources, if you're new or someone you know is new to SQL start here.
Postgres 9.2: Monitoring Temp Files Generation in Real Time
Pg_stat_statements improvements in Postgres 9.2 probably can't get enough attention. Here's a great deep dive on one particular new addition to it which shows the number of temp files generated which can cause even broader performance impact.
audit-trigger: Simple, easily customised trigger-based auditing for PostgreSQL
For certain use cases auditing is a most, and while not built directly into Postgres there are some good and simple solutions. Here's a simple, easily customised trigger-based auditing example for PostgreSQL.
Faster JSON Generation with PostgreSQL