Postgres Weekly Issue 21
July 31, 2013
As always, a big thanks to Craig Kerstiens for curating Postgres Weekly and if you want to recommend anything for a future issue, tweet @craigkerstiens and he'll consider it! :-)
How to Build A Simple REST API Using Only Nginx and PostgreSQL
Often times a full web framework can be overkill if you need a simple rest API. Fortunately there's a Postgres module for nginx that makes building a simple, persistent REST server rather easy.
Richard Nyström
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The rest
Merging JSONs in PostgreSQL
Following some previous posts about JavaScript support in Postgres, here's another look at taking advantage of it to merge data from the JSON datatype.
Simple CSV Dumps from your Postgres Database
When moving data around and doing various ETL you don't always need a robust tool, sometimes you just need some CSVs to work with. Postgres of course makes it simple and here's a great look at at some of the options for exporting CSVs.
wal-e: A S3 based WAL-shipping disaster recovery and standby toolkit
If you're running your own Postgres you want to make sure your data is safe. Here's a S3 based WAL-shipping disaster recovery and standby toolkit, with some great new features in its upcoming release
Waiting for 9.4 – Add SQL Standard WITH ORDINALITY support for UNNEST
With Postgres 9.3 still just around the corner Postgres 9.4 features keep rolling in. Here's a look at another great one allowing you to retrieve the order when unnesting data.
Documenting your PostgreSQL database
Documenting your code is not just encouraged its almost required nowadays. You should be doing the exact same to your database and here's a look at how.
Craig Kerstiens
How to Create Postgres Indexes Concurrently in ActiveRecord Migrations
Postgres' CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY is an amazing feature that lets you add an index without locking the table. While previously not simple to work with in ActiveRecord, coming in Rails 4 you've got support built right in.