Postgres Weekly Issue 13
June 5, 2013
Postgres Open - Call for Presenters
Postgres Open, the conference focused on Postgres users, has opened their CFP. They're looking for talks including case studies, how-tos, interesting Postgres innovations, and more. Submit your talk and save the date for the conference September.
Postgres Indexing - A Collection of Indexing Tips
A collection of indexing tips including how to tell if indexes are unused, whether to use multiple individual indexes or composite indexes and more from me the editor, @craigkerstiens.
In case you've missed earlier talks around everything that comes in the box with Postgres, here's another great one covering datatypes, languages, indexes and more.
From our sponsor
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
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The rest
Postgres Indexes – Expression/Functional Indexing
In addition to the many types of indexes such as b-tree, gin, gist and others there's other powerful things you can do with them in postgres. Functional or expression based indexes allow you to manipulate data within your indexes to solve certain use cases especially well.
Managing PostgreSQL with Ansible
Looking to setup your configuration management and decide between Chef or Puppet? Well it may not be quite so simple, Ansible is one other option that can be simple to setup without the need for a central server. Enjoy this interview with Jay Edwards on why you should consider it and how to get started with it and PostgreSQL.
From the person that enabled JavaScript inside Postgres, Hitoshi Harada here's an attempt to replicate the functionality/API of mongo directly in Postgres. You can connect directly with the mongo client or with Postgres and now interact with your data anyway you like.
2011 Census Data in Postgres
Finding sample data sets can be a lot of work, at least if you want them easily imported to your DB from CSV. Here's a ready to load census data set formatted just for Postgres.
Run SQL on JSON files -- without any data loads
There's been a good bit of attention to what you can do with SQL and JSON particularly in Postgres recently. The guys at CitusDB have taken it one step further creating a JSON foreign data wrapper that can operate directly on JSON files without ever having to live in your DB.
PostgreSQL as NoSQL with Data Validation
As it seems to be a hot topic in recent weeks here's yet another example of using Postgres as more of a non-relational store by taking advantage of JSON. This post in particular shows how you can still have good data validation, but also get good performance using the new JSON operators in 9.3