Postgres Weekly Issue 14
June 12, 2013
JavaScript in your Postgres
PLV8 or Javascript Support inside Postgres has gotten a lot of attention recently including talks from @leinweber and @selenamarie and multiple posts which we've featured in recent weeks. This support for the V8 engine inside Postgres is now available on Heroku Postgres so you don't have to build and install it yourself.
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The rest
PostgreSQL FDW to Hadoop Hive Tutorial
Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) are one of the hot topics lately in Postgres, and for good reason they let you pull in data across different systems making working with disparate data manageable. Here's one more tutorial in working with a FDW, in this case accessing data in Hadoop Hive.
Window Functions in Action
Often times when you feel you need to pull data into a higher level language to compute the report you want to see Window functions may be what you need. Though they're commonly a difficult concept to grasp without seeing them in action. Here's a powerful example not only using window functions but combining common table expressions, arrays, composite types and more.
Automatic Scopes and Indexing Hstore
Hstore is great for getting flexibility within your database, though most ORMs don't have great support for it yet. Here's a great example how you can index it and generate automatic scopes for it.
Converting from MySQL to Postgres
Here's one more case of someone migrating from MySQL to Postgres. While short; it highlights that the process was relatively painless and some of the unexpected gains that came along with it.
Aggregating Hierarchies With Postgres
If you have hierarchies within your application going one direction is often easy, but the other is hard. Often you'd resort to pl-pgsql to work with them, here's another good example of how you can be more expressive in Postgres when working with aggregating them.
Schema liberation with JSON and plv8 (and Postgres)
Two weeks ago we had @selenamarie's script for liberating your relational schema by converting it to JSON. Here's the broader set of slides that accompanied the talk around liberating your schema given at JSConf.
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Data Systems Administrator at Luth Research
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