Postgres Weekly Issue 12
May 29, 2013
PostgreSQL At A Glance
Hopefully you're already a fan of Postgres and the many features it offers, though if you're less familiar with its history here's a great overview why you should know about it, its history, and a bit on how it works under the covers.
Spotlight on Postgres 9.3
As Postgres 9.3 is just around the corner, with the first beta already available, there's increasing talk about what it will contain. Here's a great highlight from PgCon which includes foreign data wrappers, materialized views, lateral queries, and more.
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The rest
The People of Postgres: Tom Lane
Tom Lane is a core contributor to Postgres and has helped shape much of the web being involved in creating tiff, jpeg, and png image format. He recently moved to with a subtle announcement on the PostgreSQL developer meeting wiki. @selenamarie, a major contributor, highlights a bit more about him and what it means for Postgres.
K Nearest Neighbour search for PostgreSQL
KNN, K Nearest Neighbor, is one of many index types available in Postgres. Here's a bit of an older presentation that still does a great job of highlighting what it is and when you'd want to use it.
hStore, the key/value store within Postgres, has gotten a lot of attention over the past two years. As of Postgres 9.2 there's a JSON datatype as well. A talk this year at PgCon from those that largely contributed to hStore highlights how the benefits of both may be combined in the future.
If you like the JSON datatype, but don't already have JSON here's a fun script to convert all of your data into JSON directly in Postgres.
Mongolike: A Proof of Concept MongoDB Clone Built On Postgres