Postgres Weekly Issue 91
February 4, 2015
Tag All The Things
The first of a multiple part series about how to deal with tags. If you’ve ever added tagging functionality to your app you know it can quickly be a rabbit hole of what works vs. what performs well. Here’s the first of a series on how to apply it more readily in Postgres.
Josh Berkus
PGConf US 2015 Schedule & Early-Bird Registration Open
New PostgreSQL releases will be announced on Thursday (tomorrow)
There’s a new release dropping this Thursday (February 5). As I understand it, it's not quite a 0 day but you should be prepared to update as soon as possible. Current release notes are available here.
Devrim Gündüz
Visualize App Performance - From the Browser to the Database
More than half of application performance bottlenecks originate in the database, but most application teams have little or no visibility into database performance. With AppDynamics Database Monitoring, you get 100% visibility into application performance.
AppDynamics  Sponsored
Two PostgreSQL Tricks
After you run Postgres for a while you learn a lot of tricks specific to your use cases. Here’s a lot at two such tricks, including unlogged tables (which can be great if you need extra performance and can re-create your data).
Joshua Tolley
Why Index Covering Is Not That Important
The first time you learn about multi-column indexes you’re likely pretty excited, maximizing read performance. In reality you likely want to use them sparingly due to the space involved and the rather rare cases where they are significantly more beneficial.
Alex K
Nordic PGDay 2015: Registration Open and Schedule Posted
New Release of PLV8
PLV8 brings the full power of the V8 JavaScript engine directly into your database. Now it’s been updated to be compatible with Postgres 9.4 meaning you can have your JSONB and eat it too.
Andrew Dunstan
template_fdw: A Template Foreign Data Wrapper
Ever wanted to write a foreign data wrapper (FDW) of your own, but didn’t know where to start? Here’s a template that implements the basics and from here you can plug it in to do whatever you like.
Pavel Stehule
Customizing Postgres in Docker
Already using Docker in your stack and need to add Postgres into the mix? Here’s one of only a few guides around tweaking Postgres running within Docker.
OS X Dominion
Discovering PostgreSQL's Strengths
Robin Bate Boerop