Postgres Weekly Issue 90
January 28, 2015
Better Monitoring with pg_stat_archiver in PostgreSQL 9.4
Postgres 9.4 introduced many improvements - one of the most exciting being JSONB. There’s also another key one that quietly snuck in that gives you more insight into where you’re at with your replication, helping you have more safety around your data.
Abbreviated Keys: Exploiting Locality to Improve PostgreSQL's Text Sort Performance
Peter Geoghegan
SQL Runner: Run Playbooks of SQL Scripts in Series and Parallel
Aimed at Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL.
Snowplow Analytics
The Top 10 List for Planning a Postgres Deployment
A well-prepared DBA considers their strategy for a Postgres rollout early. Thinking about key database questions in advance can make you the IT hero as you reveal a solid deployment plan that directly supports the goals of the business.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
How to Bulk-Import JSON to Postgres
Got lots of JSON data sitting around? You can quickly load it into Postgres to do more analysis, which is even easier with JSONB now.
Hasan Diwan
Regular Expression Stop Words for Postgresql
If Postgres’ text parsing out of the box isn’t enough for you, you can simply plug in your own. Here’s an awesome example of parsing out stop words, which can come in handy in lots of use cases.
Read Scalability in PostgreSQL 9.5
Amit Kapila
Incremental Backup with Barman 1.4.0
Barman, one of the two predominant solutions for disaster recovery (with the other being Wal-e), just got a major update, incremental backups which can help with both speed and size.
Learning Bitmap Index Scan, Recheck Cond, and Bitmap Heap Scan
Want to learn more about how things work under the covers? Here’s a guide into bitmap indexes and heap scans and what’s happening on SELECTs using them.
Alex K
CTEs and Window Functions: Unleashing the Power of Redshift
While not directly Postgres, Amazon’s Redshift is a fork of Postgres which retains many similarities. Some of its features are particularly interesting, two of which are shown off here.
Yelp Engineering
Job: SRE Position at DuckDuckGo (Remote OK)
If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user and excited about what we're trying to accomplish, then please consider joining us!
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