Postgres Weekly Issue 9
May 8, 2013
MountainWest RubyConf 2013 'Postgres Demystified' Talk
Postgres has long been known as a stable database product that reliably stores your data. However, in recent years it has picked up many features, allowing it to become a much sexier database. This whirlwind of Postgres features was given at Mountain West RubyConf by myself highlights why you should consider it for your next project.
Postgres Community Life
Postgres has a wide array of resources – though for someone new to the Postgres community they may be hard to discover. Postgres Community Life aims to make it a bit easier at discovering all the resources that exist.
A Draft of PostgreSQL 9.3's Release Notes
PostgreSQL 9.3 is not yet out but there's already a draft of the release notes to check out.
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The rest
Nearest Big City
KNN or K-Nearest Neighbor is just one of the many index types in Postgres. Here's a real world example of how you can use it for finding the nearest big city or nearest big 'X' given some set of conditions.
Arrays and Indexing: Problems and Solutions
If you're starting to take advantage of arrays within Postgres, which you likely should, then there's an abundance of choices of using them and working with indexes. Heres a good rundown of the functionality available and the performance implications of certain index types.
Explaining the Un-EXPLAIN-able – Part 2
There's a lot to comprehend when trying to understand Postgres' cryptic EXPLAIN plans.
watch in psql
A simple yet handy feature highlight for the upcoming Postgres 9.3 release – the watch command build into Postgres. This simple but handy feature is a great highlight of how someone, @leinweber that wouldn't consider themselves a 'postgres hacker' contribute back and improve core functionality.
Postgres, the Best Tool You're Already Using
There's a good chance you're already using Postgres if you're building a Rails app. There's an even better chance you're not taking advantage of everything in it. These slides from Railsconf show you how to take advantage of all the greatness including arrays (tags), hstore (key-value), and full text search right in Rails.