Postgres Weekly Issue 10
May 15, 2013
PostgreSQL 9.3 Beta 1 Released
Postgres 9.3, like many other releases before it, is shaping up to be a great release and the beta is now here. Get started with the beta to take advantage of materialized views, writable foreign data wrappers, improved JSON support via new operators, and of course much more.
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The rest
Quickly Migrate A DB From MySQL To Postgres
For the few of you still on MySQL and hoping to get off here's a simple but straightforward guide on how you can get migrated. It also has a good callout to some more complicated options for those that need zero downtime migrations.
Deploying PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2: A Case Study
If you're running your own amazon instance especially on EC2 theres many gotchas that can occur. Here's a case study from OmniTI so you can take advantage of their lessons learned from running on top of Amazon.
Database Insight with pg-extras
If you're running on Heroku pg-extras is a CLI plugin that provides extra commands for the CLI to give you more insight. Even if not on Heroku you can take a look at the github repo for a great set of queries that can be beneficial to you.
Tagging With ActiveRecord and Postgres
Tags are a common part of any application, take a look at how you can take advantage of them natively within Rails and Postgres.
Introduction to PostgreSQL Arrays, Basic Concepts and Normalization Considerations
Postgres 9.3 Feature Highlight: Parallel 'pg_dump'