Postgres Weekly Issue 75
October 1, 2014
A simple guide for DB migrations
Adding columns to your database can sometimes be a painful experience resulting in downtime while that new addition is made. Seldom if ever does this have to be the case with Postgres.
Craig Kerstiens
Postgres Outperforms MongoDB and Ushers in New Developer Reality
Want to see how Postgres measures up wise to Mongo? Here’s some insights. This fortunately takes advantage of 9.4 as well and the JSONB data format to allow for a more direct comparison.
Allocation Set Internals
Want to learn a bit more around the internals of how memory is allocated within Postgres? Here’s a great dive into the internals of the DB itself.
PostgreSQL Addict
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So You Want Another PostgreSQL Database? (Part 1)
There comes a time in many application’s lives where you need to scale beyond a single Postgres instance. Here’s the start of a series that starts to delve into the things you need to know and consider if you’re working to scale that yourself.
John Young
Postgres: Time Travelling Debugger
Ever interact with a system where results change over time? If so then debugging can be well… difficult. Here’s a form of keeping an audit log in Postgres to help with such.
Gary Sieling
Upcoming Postgres 9.4beta3 release
After some resolution around on disk format changes to the much exciting JSONB datatype, 9.4 beta 3 is around the corner inching us every closer to the full release.
Postgres 9.5 Feature Highlight: Improved Verbose Logs in pg_dump
Michael Paquier
Toshi - Open Source Bitcoin Node
Want you’re own bitcoin node that’s powered by Postgres? Here it is. And a great place to practice your SQL skills on a large dataset.
Using Postgres Composite Types in Django
If you’ve ever had to deal with scheduling applications and calendaring you know what seems on the surface to be simple can create all sorts of pain. Here’s a deep dive into one solution involving composite types in PG.
Matthew Schinckel