Postgres Weekly Issue 74
September 24, 2014
Auditing Data Modifications In Postgres
Your data is always important, but in some cases you want extra auditing. Here’s a great initial dive into how to set it up and what impacts it may have on your DB.
JSON in PostgreSQL
As 9.4 gets closer and closer everyone is awaiting JSONB. Of course JSON is already available, but if you’re unfamiliar here’s your start. And the slides continue on into a comparison between the two formats.
PostgreSQL Offsets and Pagination Performance
Postgres can have some trouble performing well with high offsets on queries. Cursors can be a solution but have their own flaws. Alex MacCaw looks at another approach.
Alex MacCaw
Mastering the Postgres Rollout - Follow the Yellow Brick Road?
That famous journey began simply, but quickly entered some challenging territory. For DBAs on the road to building more sophisticated environments to support their new Postgres deployments, the same may be true. High availability, replication and performance tuning can present bumps in the road, but here are some ideas on how to approach with caution.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
Finding Duplicate Indexes
A look at some SQL queries you can use to seek out duplicate and overlapping indexes on your database.
Database Soup
Settings for A Fast pg_restore
pg_restore is a utility for restoring a Postgres database from an archive, but what settings can you use with Postgres to make it import as quickly as possible?
Database Soup
Vagrant with Docker: How to set up Postgres, Elasticsearch and Redis on OS X
Graham Jenson
Writing Better PostGIS Queries (Spatial and Geographic Objects for PostgreSQL)
At FOSS4G, Regina Obe gave a talk about taking advantage of spatial indexes, SQL constructs, and PostGIS specific functions alongside Postgres 9.3.
dockerfdw: Docker FDW
Want to have an inventory of your docker containers directly in Postgres, well now there’s a convenient FDW for you.
Paul Tagliamonte