#​559 — June 19, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

A Review of PGConf.dev 2024 — Postgres might have seen no commits during the recent Postgres developer conference, but plenty was happening. This is a really neat and thorough roundup for both those who did and didn’t attend.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum

💡 David Wheeler also shared some notes about sessions he enjoyed at last week's POSETTE event put on by Microsoft.

▶  The State of the Postgres Extension Ecosystem — David Wheeler is overseeing a huge push in the way that Postgres extensions are cataloged, published and distributed, and he gave a talk at POSETTE covering the whys and hows, along with a little history. He also wrote about the Extension Ecosystem Summit that took place at PGConf․dev.

David Wheeler (Tembo)

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Reduce Vacuuming Using ON CONFLICT — If you reduce the number of dead tuples caused by failed insert operations, you’ll also reduce the need for Postgres to vacuum the table. Win win.

Shane Borden

Identity Crisis: Sequence v. UUID as Primary Key“When used mindfully, both integers and UUIDs make quite workable solutions, with (in my opinion) appropriately levered UUIDs edging out a little ahead.”

Brandur Leach


How to Upgrade Postgres.app on macOSPostgres.app is a popular way to get Postgres instances running quickly on macOS, but what about updating it without losing existing data?

Simon Willison

📄 From Microsoft SQL Server to PostGIS – Even if Postgres alone isn’t enough to tempt SQL Server users, PostGIS might be when it comes to spatial datasets! Florian Nadler

📄 Compiling Latest gcc to Test More Architectures – Not a lot to learn here, but neat to see how thoroughly Postgres is tested. Robins Tharakan

📄 UUIDv7 Implemented in 20 Languages – Yes, even including SQL. Anton Zhiyanov

📄 Compiling Postgres with LLVM David Wheeler

📺 pgvector for Python Developers Pamela Fox

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Did you miss POSETTE : An Event for Postgres? Here’s a playlist of all 42 talks. Share & like your favorites!

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_bestmatch.rs: Elevate Your Text Queries with BM25BM25 is a popular ranking function that can improve full text searches across a large number of documents. pg_bestmatch.rs is an extension that brings BM25 related functions and statistics generation into Postgres.

Jinjing Zhou