#​545 — March 6, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

Building a Q&A Bot Natively with Postgres Extensionspgvector and embedding models have made it easier to create advanced natural language search systems in the past year or two. Here, Tembo shows off how their stack and extensions make it an even easier, direct process. pg_vectorize is a particular highlight as it’s an extension that automates a lot of the process of transforming text into embeddings using common LLMs.

Adam Hendel (Tembo)

Comparing Postgres Managed Services: AWS, Azure, GCP and Supabase — A reasonably simple, straightforward comparison that doesn’t aim to be exhaustive but instead provide pointers for developers in the market for a managed service.

Sai Srirampur (PeerDB)

pganalyze Index Advisor 3.0: Workload-Aware Index Suggestions — Launched last week, the new advisor finds missing indexes for each table, detects indexes that would block HOT Updates, lets you drill-down to see all considered indexes, and more. Powered by the constraint programming model introduced at PGCon 2023.

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▶  Database Disasters and How to Find Them — You’re part of an engineering team and you get pinged because something’s gone down.. what happens next?

Christophe Pettus

1000+ Postgres Extensions in One Place — If you’re on the hunt for Postgres extensions, PGXN is a good place to start, but I also love this scrappier GitHub Gist based approach.

Joel Jakobsson

▶  Discussing Postgres Replication at Speed with PeerDB's Sai Srirampur

Scott Hanselman podcast

Tips for Tuning Postgres LIKE/ILIKE Queries via pg_trgm on Azure — Tips to improve query performance when using pattern search with LIKE or ILIKE. 

Sarat Balijepalli

📰 Classifieds

📢 Need low latency and high availability? Learn the technical advantages of a fully standard multi-master distributed PostgreSQL architecture.

📧 Forward Email is an email forwarding service able to boast being entirely open source. They use quantum-safe, individually encrypted SQLite mailboxes too.

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_activity 3.5: htop-Like Activity Monitoring Tool — Much as you might use top or htop to monitor processes and CPU usage, pg_activity gives you a similar look behind the scenes of Postgres with views over running queries, up to date performance stats, and more.


Pigsty: A 'Batteries-Included' Postgres Distribution — The name of this project always makes me grin: PIGSTY is actually an acronym, standing for Postgres In Great STYle! It’s a Postgres distribution that includes lots of components and tools out of the box in areas like availability, deployment, and observability. The latest release pushes everything up to Postgres 16.2 standards and introduces new ParadeDB and DuckDB FDW extensions.

Ruohang Feng

pg_jsonschema 0.3: JSON Schema Validation Extension — Postgres’s support for JSON / JSONB columns is second to none, but what if you want to validate the structure of JSON data? JSON Schema provides a way to define JSON-based formats and this extension lets you verify JSON documents using such schemas. v0.3 completes the extension’s Postgres 16 support.


pg_ivm 1.8: Incremental View Maintenance Extension — IVM can update materialized views incrementally, which is more efficient than a full recomputation as REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW does.