#​534 — December 13, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

A Sneak Peek Into the State of PostgreSQL 2023 — Timescale teases us with an initial look at some of the results from the recent State of PostgreSQL survey (full report to follow soon). 888 folks took the survey and shared information about their favorite extensions, opinions on AI, and third party tools they use.

Savoia and Tavares (Timescale)

PostgREST 12.0: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Database — An interesting addition to this popular project is that you can handle custom media types and override the built-in ones meaning you can serve up HTML, JavaScript, and more direct from your database. Project homepage.

Nelson and Chavez

Feel the Power of More Than 420,000 Teammates and Work #LikeABosch — At Bosch, we shape the future with high-quality technologies and services to inspire people and improve their lives. And it’s our people who make us remarkable. Our success is your success. Let’s celebrate together. Learn more.

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How pg_graphql Now Supports Postgres Functionspg_graphql is an extension that adds GraphQL support for querying your database. v1.4 introduced support for exposing user defined functions over GraphQL too.

Oliver Rice (Supabase)


Zero Downtime Postgres Upgrades — An engineer shares the tale of how his company upgraded from Postgres 11.9 to 15.3 with zero downtime. pg_easy_replicate is a tool we’ve linked to before that automates much of this approach.

Brent Anderson (Knock)

'Yeeting' Over 30k Messages/Sec on Postgres with Tembo MQ — Using the PGMQ message queue system.

Ankenman and Hendel (Tembo)

Storage Strategies for Postgres on Kubernetes
Sergey Pronin (Percona)

Code and Tools

Supavisor 1.0: A Postgres Connection Pooler from Supabase — A connection pooler built with Elixir (an Erlang VM/BEAM language) and specifically designed for multi-tenancy. It can be run as a cluster or as a single node. v1.0 adds support for named prepared statements, read replicas and query load balancing, and more besides.


Postgres Performance at Any Scale, with Intelligent Tuning Advisors

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IvorySQL: Open Source Oracle-Compatible PostgreSQLOrafce is a popular suite of Oracle compatibility functions and packages and IvorySQL uses it behind the scenes of its broader compatibility layer.