#​532 — November 29, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

📊 PDF: Extensions Shape the Future — A fantastic slide deck, built for a talk at PASS Data Community Summit 2023, that on its own does a great job of fleshing out where extensions sit in the Postgres ecosystem, as well as some recent developments in the space.

Ryan Lambert

AWS Previews Amazon Aurora Limitless Database — At re:Invent this week, Amazon announced a preview of a new capability to support automated horizontal scaling into the millions of write transactions per second on a single Aurora PostgreSQL database. So not only can your database be limitless, your AWS bill can be, too.

Channy Yun (AWS)

Automating Index Selection for Postgres Using Constraint Programming — What's hard about choosing an index? Making a trade-off between write overhead, HOT update impact and faster queries. Learn more about a new model, based on hierarchical optimization and CP-SAT that lets you control how indexes get selected automatically.

pganalyze sponsor

Indexing TIMESTAMPs — There are a few ways to do it, with various tradeoffs where granularity and timezones are concerned.

Bruce Momjian


Why DoorDash Migrated from Aurora Postgres to CockroachDB — You'll initially get 'case study' vibes, but this post is based around ▶️ a detailed technical talk by a DoorDash engineer about the migration process and the motivations for it.

Charlie Custer (Cockroach Labs)

Improve Postgres Performance and Lower Cloud Spend

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Fun with Looped Functions and Linear Progressions — Greg continues with his Advent of Code Postgres adventure with yet more pushing PL/pgSQL to its beautiful limits.

Greg Sabino Mullane

💡 If you want to join Greg and take part in this year's Advent of Code, it starts this Friday! You don't have to use PL/pgSQL though.. 😅

Database Generated Columns in Django with Postgres — One for the Pythonistas! An introduction to database generated columns, using Postgres and the new GeneratedField added in Django 5.0.

Paolo Melchiorre

What Timescale Learnt Benchmarking Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless — When a vendor does a benchmark, they usually did well if they promote the results. Nonetheless, some conclusions can rarely be denied: “Amazon Aurora Serverless is expensive.” 😅

James Blackwood-Sewell (Timescale)

'I figured out why pg_dump was failing with Postgres 15-16' — Postgres v15 and up changed the order of ways to determine where the .pgpass file might be.

Dan Langille

Unlocking Secure Connections: A Guide to Postgres Authentication Methods
Semab Tariq

▶  Unnesting an Array in Postgres
Coding with Missak

Code and Tools

TimescaleDB 2.13.0: The Time-Series Extension for Postgres — Timescale is increasingly known as a business and managed platform, but the core of their offering remains an open source extension. v2.13.0 introduces full Postgres 16 support, but AMI images are no longer to be published – it’s also the final version to include multi-node support.


PgHero 3.4: A Performance Dashboard for Postgres — A dashboard built in Ruby (and used at Instacart) that lets you look at basic performance stats including live queries, maintenance status, and connections. v3.4 adds support for explaining normalized queries in Postgres 16, as well as a Docker image for linux/arm64.

Andrew Kane