#​524 — October 4, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

pgroll: Zero-Downtime, Reversible Schema Migrations — The folks at Xata want database migrations to be easy, risk-free, and reversible, so they’ve built a tool to make them so. pgroll uses a variety of techniques like the ‘expand and contract’ pattern to split migrations into numerous reversible chunks and also performs operations solely under short locks (with timeouts). GitHub repo.

Carlos Pérez-Aradros Herce (Xata)

Version History and Lifecycle Policies for Postgres Tables — Drawing inspiration from AWS S3’s version history feature, this post outlines employing the temporal_tables and pg_partman extensions to implement version control and automatic data expiry for Postgres tables too..

Steven Miller

A Data Store Built For Modern Workloads — Dragonfly is a drop-in Redis replacement. Applications built on Dragonfly get the speed, reliability, and scalability that modern apps require, allowing you to deliver incredible experiences to your users while reducing costs and complexity.

Dragonfly sponsor

On Oracle Supporting Postgres — Last week, we noted that Oracle (Cloud) is getting into the Postgres game. Bruce thinks this is good news and something for us to all be happy about. Watch this space.. 😅

Bruce Momjian


Find When Your Postgres Cluster Was Initialized“A nice finding after 12 years with Postgres - seems one can actually retrieve the time when a cluster / instance was once initialized.”

Kaarel Moppel

A Tale of Internationalization in Postgres — In 1996, Oleg encountered difficulties using Postgres for a Russian language database due to its then ASCII-only operation. This led to the start of Postgres’s internationalization story which Oleg goes into more depth about here.

Oleg Bartunov

Enter the Matrix: The Four Types of Postgres Extensions? — A possible mental model for thinking about the different types of extensions possible.

Steven Miller

Scaling GraphQL with Postgres: Lessons Learned — An engineer at Cycle explains how they were running into database timeout problems that impacted their service and how they tracked down the problem.

Martin Delobbe

Use OtterTune's AI to Make Your AWS RDS or Aurora Postgres 2x Faster

OtterTune sponsor

Allowing DML Operations in Highly Compressed Data in Postgres — With TimescaleDB, specifically.

Code and Tools

Five Great Features of the Postgres Partition Manager — The Postgres partition project, pg_partman, just reached version 5. This post takes a look over five of the notable features that make this a useful tool when managing large tables.

Keith Fiske (Crunchy Data)

pg_branch: Experimental Extension for Quickly Branching Databases — Provides Neon-esque branching features to Postgres by using snapshots on copy-on-write filesystems. Pre-alpha, use at your own risk, and so on.

Alex Pearson