#​519 — August 16, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

When Did Postgres Become Cool? — Postgres just passed the 25 year milestone as an open source project, but it wasn’t always the ‘cool kid’ and it didn’t always have a large ecosystem of companies and events cheering for it. Craig looks back at some of Postgres’ history.

Craig Kerstiens

Postgres 15.4, 14.9, 13.12, 12.16, 11.21, and 16 Beta 3 Released — Why have several blog posts for a raft of Postgres releases when you can squeeze them all into one? 😁 All supported versions of Postgres (including the beta of v16) have had releases to fix both bugs and two security vulnerabilities. It’s important to note that “if you use BRIN indexes to look up NULL values, you will need to reindex them after upgrading.”

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The 2023 State of PostgreSQL Survey Is Now Open! — Calling all PostgreSQL users! Take the survey today to share your favorite extensions, preferred frameworks, community experiences, and more.

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An Early Look at HNSW Performance with pgvector — Postgres’s role as a vector data store is only continuing to grow in the burgeoning machine learning era and HNSW (Hierarchical Navigable Small World – 📄 relevant paper) offers a new way to do similarity searches that has some benefits over other approaches. The next version of pgvector will support HNSW but Jonathan has already managed to put it through its paces – in short, it performs very well.

Jonathan Katz


Securing Your Database with Roles and Privileges — If you’ve never set up a system where you have numerous roles accessing things in a single database, this is a good, quick primer.

Romario López

Squeeze the Heck Out of the System You Have — When your database service is already on the biggest instance possible, do you need to rethink everything? Not so fast, says Dan, there’s often a way to squeeze more of what you have.

Dan Slimmon

🗣 This article resulted in lots of discussion on Hacker News, less about Postgres and more about the idea of optimization generally.

A SQL Style Guide — A handy SQL style guide to ensure legible and maintainable queries.

Simon Holywell

More Fun with Postgres Puzzles: Recursive Functions with Animations — We’ve been enjoying Greg’s series showing off how he’s solving various Advent of Code puzzles in Postgres and this one goes pretty far out with recursive functions and rendering basic terminal animations.

Greg Sabino Mullane

PlanetScale vs. Neon: The Continued Saga Between MySQL and PostgresComparing MySQL and Postgres is one thing, but you can also compare the newest platforms to offer both in a serverless fashion.


Talking of Neon, they recently raised $46m in series B funding.

▶  You're Probably Already Using Postgres: What You Need to Know with Chelsea Dole and Floor Drees
Path To Citus Con Podcast podcast

How to Execute Queries from SQL Files with psql
Salman Ahmed

Parsing pgSQL with tree-sitter in WASM

Code and Tools

Supavisor 0.9: A Postgres Connection Pooler from Supabase — It's built with Elixir and is specifically designed for multi-tenancy. This post includes an interesting set of benchmarks where Supabase took it up to 1 million connections. v0.9 adds upstream and downstream SSL support, per-tenant metrics endpoints, and the ability to limit connections per tenant. GitHub repo.


pgsql-http 1.6: An HTTP Client for Postgres — Would you like to be able to call web services from a trigger, say? Here’s your chance.

Paul Ramsey

Run the Same Open Source Postgres on Any Cloud. Start for Free with $300 in Credits

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Last, but not least..

Rendering the Mandelbrot Set with SQL — We last linked this several years ago, but it seems fitting to revisit as a lighthearted way to start our summer break. It’s an interesting query to get your head around and it's even SQL:2008 compliant. SQLite has its own version in its docs, too.

PostgreSQL Wiki

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