#​506 — May 17, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

Postgres 15.3, 14.8, 13.11, 12.15, and 11.20 Released — Two security vulnerabilities and ‘over 80 bugs’ have been resolved in these minor updates to all maintained release lines. Both vulnerabilities are ‘quite old’ ones. The first allowed an attacker with database-level CREATE privileges to execute arbitrary code. The second was a more complex one involving row security policies.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

PostgresML Raises $4.7M for Serverless AI DatabasesPostgresML is an open-source Postgres-based platform that enables performing modern machine learning related tasks (training models, working with vectors, performing inference) using SQL.

Montana Low (PostgresML)

In mildly related news, Amazon RDS now supports pgvector for storing embeddings from ML models and performing similarity searches upon them.

Best Practices for Optimizing Postgres Query Performance (eBook) — Learn how to get a 3x performance improvement on your Postgres database and 500x reduced data loaded from disk. We share our learnings from helping companies like Atlassian, CounterPath, and others speed up their queries.

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Understanding ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES BetterPrivileges provide a way to grant different types of access to different types of objects to different users. ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES provides a way to change default privileges for objects created in the future.

Laurenz Albe


  • Curiously, MariaDB is working on a Postgres-compatible front-end for its SkySQL DBaaS.

  • Yet again, the folks at Hacker News tackle the question of choosing between Postgres and MySQL in depth. Postgres has the edge in the ensuing discussion but some interesting arguments are made for MySQL (and SQLite).

  • Cloudflare Workers is an edge/serverless functions platform that, due to its use of V8 isolates, hasn't supported direct socket connections, limiting its use with TCP-accessible systems like Postgres. Till now.

  • AWS Aurora has added support for Graviton3-based R7g instances. The benefits of R7g instances are higher performance, faster memory, and access to larger memory sizes (up to 512GB).

  • Ryan Booz is this week's PostgreSQL Person of the Week interviewee. As well as creating PGSQL Phriday, he lives on a 33 acre farm!

Working with Time in Postgres — A primer on the basics quickly covering data types, intervals, overlaps, range types, indexing, and roll ups in one place.

Elizabeth Christensen

Migration Steps from Redshift to Columnar Postgres (Docs)

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The Subtle Art of Code Conversion in Oracle to Postgres Migrations — Despite a plethora of tools available to help, converting code between two such different database systems still requires a huge amount of specialized knowledge. (Though we await the results of someone trying to get ChatGPT to do it.. 😆)

Deepak Mahto

Though if we remember what Christophe Pettus said last week.. don't use ChatGPT to solve Postgres problems! (Yet..)

Evolving django-multitenant to Build Scalable SaaS Apps on Postgres with Citus
Gürkan İndibay (Citus Data)

Tenant Monitoring in Citus and Postgres with citus_stat_tenants
Halil Ozan Akgul (Citus Data)

Code and Tools

Bytebase 2.0: Collaborative Database DevOps System — Describing itself as a ‘GitLab’ for database devops, Bytebase lets you collaborate within a team on things like schema changes, querying, roles and access, etc. It’s open source with a 'pro' paid offering and v2.0 includes an all new AI-based index optimization advisor for slow queries.