#​504 — May 3, 2023

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'The Part of Postgres We Hate the Most' — We’d usually be cynical about an opinion piece with such a title but this one is co-authored by Andy Pavlo. He and Bohan Zhang make the claim that Postgres’s approach to multi-version concurrency control ‘sucks’ and they go into detail as to why.

Bohan Zhang and Andy Pavlo (Ottertune)

LZ4 and ZSTD pg_dump compression in Postgres 16LZ4 and Zstandard are two additional compression methods being added to pg_dump in Postgres 16. LZ4 offers speed, but zstd yields striking size reductions for compressed dumps, as seen here.

Pavlo Golub

Hydra: An Open Source Alternative to AWS Redshift? — This is the codebase behind the mythologically named company (founded by Joseph Sciarrino & Jonathan Dance of Heroku) building a columnar, vectorized Postgres that's showing some impressive speed-ups. Data warehouses are too expensive, so let's give this project a bump up.

Hydra sponsor

Understanding How Parallel Queries Run — If the execution strategy for a query can be divided into parts that can be executed simultaneously by numerous workers, there are performance gains to be had. This post explains the basics and some of the config settings that affect parallel query runs.

Muhammad Ali (Stormatics)


A Tale of Docker and 'Sudden Death' for Postgres — It sounds more morbid than it is, but Laurenz has a useful story about a problem a customer was having with Postgres crashing when running in a Docker container.

Laurenz Albe

Handy Introductory psql Tips and Tricks — An introductory look at psql and how to use it, though that’s always a helpful thing to refresh in my case.

Ryan Booz

Postgres 15 on Encrypted ZFS and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Manish R Jain

Joining Historical Data Between Amazon Athena and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Deepak Sharma (AWS)

How to Upgrade Postgres 14 to 15 on Ubuntu 23.04
Paolo Melchiorre

Code and Tools

pREST 1.3: Instant RESTFul APIs for Postgres Data — It’s a bit like the more established PostgREST but written in Go rather than Haskell (here’s more of a comparison). GitHub repo.

pREST Team