#​502 — April 19, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

dbdev: A Postgres Package Manager — The folks at Supabase have put database.dev into preview, a site containing numerous trusted language extensions for Postgres, building upon an idea begun by AWS last year. Think of dbdev as a sort of Postgres equivalent of npm or pip. It’s still early days, but the general idea is to make installing extensions into Postgres environments, including on the cloud, easier.


Postgres and SQL:2023: What's Supported? — Peter recently posted about the progress of SQL:2023, but now he takes a quick look at what parts are actually supported in Postgres.

Peter Eisentraut

The Postgres Provider You Always Wanted — "What a different support experience Crunchy is. Every support ticket is valuable. We’re encouraged to ask questions. We’re able to do so much more working with a partner who cares as much about data as we do." Rob Sullivan, CareRev.

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Can There Be Too Many Partitions? — Kaarel ran some benchmarks (taking 56 hours in total) to see the performance effects of having between zero and 4096(!) partitions. Ultimately, not a lot: “Postgres seems to handle a “normal” amount of partitions very well - planning time seems to increase steadily in percentage wise, but in real numbers wasn’t noteworthy.”

Kaarel Moppel

Postgres 16 Array Sampling and Shuffling Functions — Yet more bits and pieces coming to Postgres 16 (final release expected later this year) in the shape of array_sample and array_shuffle functions to get random elements from an array or to randomize an entire array.

Hubert depesz Lubaczewski

Underscores in Numeric Constants in Postgres 16 — It’s a relatively small quality of life improvement, but Postgres 16 will let you write long numbers in such a fashion: 1_500_000_000 or even a less obvious construction like 3.14159_26535_89793

Pavlo Golub

Working with Postgres from PowerShell with ODBC
Michael Suman

Writing Data from Postgres to MongoDB
Christopher Winslett

Code and Tools

PostgREST 11.0: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Databasev11 of this popular Haskell-based system adds a lot of little niceties.

Nelson and Chavez