#​496 — March 8, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

Mathesar: Spreadsheet Interface for a Postgres Database — A newly launched open-source tool that provides a grid-style interface to a Postgres database of your choice, with the aim being to enable developers to open up databases more directly to end users. It’s written in Python and is on GitHub too.


Like Redis Caching, but in < 5 Minutes — Create a low-latency, global database cache without writing code. No need to define data structures or eviction policies. Automatically determine optimal TTLs and invalidate stale data. Start caching, faster.

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The Integer at the End of the Universe: Integer Overflow in Postgres — When you’ve got too big an integer for the data type you’re using, trouble occurs. There are a few solutions (or workarounds) in Postgres. Jesse has a (rather epic) query to help you spot the problem on sequences and shares recommendations for a short term or long term fix.

Jesse Soyland

The Tale of the 11TB Write Ahead Log — There’s nothing like an alert out of the blue on the weekend to keep you on your toes. Adjust’s team were alerted to rapidly spiralling disk usage on their database server and a WAL file was to blame. These stories are always worth a read because they might pop back into your mind when similar situations arise.

Zakirov, Siroshtan, Scherbaum


PostgREST: Get Started with Automated Postgres APIs — Why write your own code when Copilot.. ChatGPT.. PostgREST can automatically generate an API atop your Postgres database? Hans-Jürgen shows off the basics.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Geocoding with Web APIs in Postgres — The steps to set up a geocoder with the US census geocoding API inside your database with a PL/Python function and triggers.

Jacob Coblentz

Five Interesting Patches From January’s Commitfest — Postgres developer Chris Travers shares his thoughts on improvements to psql, a new synonym for infinity, transaction ID wraparound problems, and more.

Chris Travers (Timescale)

Free eBook: Declarative Cloud Infrastructure Management with Terraform

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Deploy an Amazon RDS for Postgres Multi-AZ DB Cluster Using Terraform Modules
Amin and Kampili (AWS)

How to Query Polymorphic Tables Easier Using a View
Newvick X

🛠 Code and Tools

Pigsty 2.0: Postgres In Great STYle? — I’m not sure about their choice of abbreviation, but Pigsty bills itself as an open-sourced ‘RDS alternative’ – not a cloud platform of its own, but essentially a Postgres distribution with a lot of stuff packed in.

Feng Ruohang

DBeaver 23: A Universal Database Tool — Written in Java, this is a long standing, open-source, cross-platform database tool for building and running queries, looking at tables, execution plans, etc. Recent commits seem to show they’re working on adding GPT-3 powered ‘smart completion’ features too..

DBeaver Team

  • PgTyped 2.1
    ↳ Raw SQL in TypeScript with guaranteed type-safety.

  • pgsync 0.7.4
    ↳ Sync data from one database to another.

  • Bob 0.17
    ↳ SQL query builder and ORM generator for Go.

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