#​493 — February 15, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

Waiting for Postgres 16: Cumulative I/O Statistics with pg_stat_io — A look at querying system-wide I/O statistics in future versions of Postgres using the new pg_stat_io view, several use cases for it, and thoughts on the future of I/O observability in Postgres generally.

Lukas Fittl

Exposing Postgres Performance Secrets — Long standing Postgres expert Craig lays out four basic things to set up today to make finding and fixing performance issues faster in the future.

Craig Kerstiens

Download PostgreSQL High Availability Architectures — Yours for free. Percona architectures are built with only battle-tested open source components and designed to ensure up to 99.9% availability. Architectures are available for businesses of every size.

Percona sponsor

Storing OpenAI Embeddings in Postgres with pgvector — An example of how to build a machine learning-powered search engine using OpenAI’s embeddings and Postgres. The idea is you compress sentences (in this case) down into vectors, store those vectors, then query against them – something that pgvector can help you with.

Greg Richardson (Supabase)

Working with Rankings with SQL Window Functions — A handy, easy to follow tutorial on making ratings and dividing data into partitions extracted from Anton’s SQL Window Functions Explained book.

Anton Zhiyanov


Finding the Current Timestamp — You think it’d be easy to establish what the time is, but there are a few options. Learn more about real time, statement time and transaction time.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

▶  Caching Postgres on the Edge with PolyScale.ai — A quick introduction to Polyscale, a serverless plug and play database cache.

Sam Aybar and Supabase

Debugging WAL Events with pg_walinspectpg_walinspect is a module supplied with Postgres for looking into the contents of the write-ahead log.

Anthony Sotolongo

Should You Use char, varchar, or text in Postgres?
Maxim Orlov

How to Listen to Database Changes with Triggers and Elixir
Peter Ullrich

Storing Network Addresses in Oracle vs Postgres vs SQL Server
Jagadeesh Panuganti

🛠 Code and Tools

pgpq: Stream Arrow / Parquet Data into Postgres — A new ‘proof of concept stage’ library for streaming Arrow RecordBatches to Postgres in order to bulk load Parquet files. Written in Rust.

Adrian Garcia Badaracco

SQL Notebook: Casual Data Exploration in SQL — Import data from CSV, Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL. Use a Jupyter-style notebook interface for exploratory queries, and write stored procedures for reusable logic.

Brian Luft

Postgres Message Queue (PGMQ) — A lightweight distributed message queue on Postgres as an extension. Written in Rust and lives as part of the CoreDB Postgres distribution.


  • PostgresML 2.2
    ↳ Train models and make online predictions using only SQL.