#​484 — December 7, 2022

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Amazon's Trusted Language Extensions for Postgres — Amazon’s Aurora and RDS Postgres platforms both run ~85 popular Postgres extensions but beyond that you’re out of luck. Given the power extensions have, Amazon doesn’t want users to install extensions arbitrarily so has come up with pg_tle, a solution for building secure extensions around a permissions model that platforms like RDS or Aurora can be happy with. Could this idea take off more generally across the Postgres space? We shall see.

Channy Yun (AWS)

Faster, Cheaper Postgres on Amazon RDS — Learn how to dramatically increase query performance and lower costs when running Postgres on RDS. PolyScale is an intelligent, serverless database cache that can be connected in minutes, without writing code.

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Neon's Serverless Postgres Platform Now Live to All — Invite gate be gone! Neon is an interesting new entrant to the world of Postgres platforms (first unveiled back in June) with a split storage and compute approach allowing them to offer a 'serverless' elastically scaling experience. As with the MySQL-oriented PlanetScale, branching is also a headline feature. One to keep an eye on.


Instacart on Dropping Postgres for Amazon DynamoDB — Odd vibe to this post, but an interesting look behind the scenes at Instacart’s scaling-motivated switch from Postgres to DynamoDB. The engineering team shares the schema design that reduced their number of billable writes-per-transaction by over half.

Jessica Wachtel


Picking a Random Element.. with Weights — Let’s say you need to generate a large table full of sample data and want the distribution of that data to match certain requirements? Hubert has the weighted_random function for you.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski

A few older posts we missed:

Better Range Types in Postgres 14+: Turning 100 Lines of SQL Into 3 — Multi range types can provide a little extra power to some pure SQL solutions.. an example of which is provided here.

Jonathan S. Katz

Soft Deletion with Postgres: Writing the Logic in Postgres Itself — If you’d rather not implement soft deletion (marking records as hidden rather than deleting them) in your main application language, you could use “rules” to do it directly in Postgres.

Kozin and Turner

Replacing Lines of Code with 2 Little Regexes in Postgres
Steve Pousty

🛠 Code and Tools

DB Fiddle: An SQL Database Playground — I frequently find this tool useful for testing out little bits of SQL and it now supports Postgres 15 too (in addition to various versions of MySQL and SQLite).


pg_stat_monitor 1.1.1: Query Performance Monitoring Tool — If you were having problems with running it on Postgres 15, 1.1.1 fixes this.


Identity-Native Infrastructure Access for PostgreSQL?

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pg_hint_plan: Manually Force Decisions in Execution Plans — Postgres 15 support has just been committed.

NTT OSS Center DBMS Development and Support Team