✏️ In case you missed last week's slightly unusual 'newsflash' issue: Postgres 15 was released last week.
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#​477 — October 19, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

Postgres Full Text Search vs.. Some Others — As long as you are aware of the limitations (or work around them), Postgres’s full text search features can take you a long way. Victor shows off the basics and compares what Postgres offers to a few popular, modern alternatives. This article provoked extensive discussion on Hacker News that went a little deeper.

Victor Vados

A Look at Postgres 15: The MERGE Command with Examples — One of Postgres 15’s headline new features is support for the SQL standard MERGE statement. Where you might have once used UPSERT .. ON CONFLICT, MERGE can now do the heavy lifting of synchronizing tables by inserting, updating, and deleting rows based on differences between tables – Jean-Paul shows us a use case.

Jean-Paul Argudo

Less Plugging, More Play. Scale Postgres in Minutes — PolyScale is an intelligent, serverless database edge cache. Using PolyScale, you can distribute your database compute and storage globally, dramatically lowering latency for data-driven applications.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

How and Why a Streaming Database 'Presents' as PostgresMaterialize is a distributed SQL database that isn’t Postgres, but like many up and coming database systems, can 'speak' Postgres’s wire protocol to offer interoperability. This post is an interesting, yet rare, look at why database developers are increasingly making this decision.

Andy Hattemer (Materialize)

Be Ready for Postgres 15's public Schema Changes — Postgres 15 has introduced changes to privileges relating to the public schema you need to be prepared for – luckily you can benefit from Paul’s advice even before upgrading.

Paul Ramsey


Updates Getting Slower? Causes and Remedies — If things are getting slower and slower and sloooower the more you’re updating a table, you’ve got a problem you need to resolve quickly. Laurenz shows off one such cause.

Laurenz Albe

Postgres 15's Configuration Changes — A quick look at some of the changes in Postgres 15’s postgresql.conf options (of which there are 6 new items, 3 changed items, and 1 removed item - au revoir, stats_temp_directory).

Ryan Lambert

Spinning Up a Performance Testing Framework for Aurora PostgreSQL — How to use CloudFormation, Apache JMeter, and Python to build a performance testing framework for Postgres-based Aurora databases.

Amazon Web Services

Using pg_upgrade to Upgrade Postgres 9.6 and PostGIS 2.4 to Postgres 15 3.3 with yum — It’s always good to follow someone else’s trodden path with these sorts of migrations.

Regina Obe

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Upgrading Postgres 14 to 15 on Red Hat Derived Distros with PGDG RPM Packages — Think Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Rocky, Alma Linux, etc.

Jon Jensen

Global Indexes: A Different Approach? — This is not a Postgres feature (yet) but David thinks about an approach to having a global index for a partitioned table.

David Zhang

Microsoft Announces PostgreSQL Option for Cosmos DB
Andrew Brust (The New Stack)

Running Postgres in Kubernetes: Solutions, Pros and Cons
Sergey Pronin (Percona)

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_enquo: A Way to Securely Query Against Encrypted DataEnquo (standing for “ENcrypted QUery Operations”) is an admittedly niche (for now) approach as it also requires client support (currently only in Rust and Ruby) but it’s interesting to see experiments in this important area.

Matt Palmer

OxideDB: Teach Postgres How to Speak MongoDB's Wire Protocol — A translation layer that looks like a MongoDB database server while using PostgreSQL’s JSON capabilities as the underlying data store.

Felipe Coury

PostgresML 2.0: Train Models and Make Predictions from SQL“You train models using simple SQL commands, and you get the predictions in your apps via a mechanism you’re already using: a query over a standard Postgres connection.” v2.0 is a 1.0-compatible complete rewrite in Rust.

Lev Kokotov and Montana Low